Csc/cmc - page 3

Now that I've passed the CCRN (YAY) it's on to the next one. Anyone taken the CSC? What study materials did you use? Hopefully, it's time for a new "sticky":spin: to get started.... Glutton for punishment I know...if I could... Read More

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    Hey Xigirs,

    I sent you a private message.


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    Congrats to all those who are helping me motivate
    I have been so involved with getting our rapid response team off the ground I have not had any time to study!
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    I just passed CMC a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was harder than CCRN personally. I barely squeaked by but whatever. I used the Med-Ed program and Pass CCRN, the med ed was okay, kind of helpful but not over the top. I'm now the 3rd CMC in my state!

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