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Was looking for practice issues in other areas regarding the "locking off" of the cordis/introducer. I work in a post surgical unit and we use them for our open heart patients. We have a lot of varying information regarding... Read More

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    I'm not sure if your concern is stemming from the cordis clotting off or it being a source of infection, but either way, we have had several patients who still have their cordis, saline locked, with no current IVF running. Reason being, in our order set we can leave the cordis in until Vancomycin is d/c'd (48hr post op) and for KCL infusions. Often times, the pt is not getting a maintenance fluid because our docs worry about fluid overload in our post op valve pts. Sometimes we leave until we get a PICC or the doc will order to d/c it post op day 1. It all depends on the pt. We do strive to get central lines out asap to prevent central line associated blood stream infections.

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