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Hi .I have been on a cardiac stepdown unit for a few years. I need a change- would really like to get out of nursing period, but that isn't going to happen soon,so I am stuck. Where I work, the micu/ccu seems to have high... Read More

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    Reading ur initial post u sou d a lot like me. I don't like codes and get a little deer in headlights like when stuff goes south fast. I however love and thrive on the so called "sick-stable" patient. Example would be lots of drips with lots of titrating and lots of assessing an anlyzing on what the next step would be to improve ur patient.

    I went right from nursing school to a crazy intense cvicu and I'm still here 2.5 years later. Also only one of my patients coded. knock on wood lol. I think u would be great in an icu. Just make sure u find one with great staffing education and teamwork.

    Ps I do know how to spell and such but eversince I went to a touchscreen... ughhh
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