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    Hey ya'll... I'm a neuro nurse with only one year off orientation in a neuro ICU. I really want to take my CCRN this year so that my unit will pay for me to take my CNRN next year- and I like to get things done sooner than later... and I'm a pretty good test taker.
    Anyways, I'm studying a lot of cardiac cause I've had ZERO CABG pts, ZERO IABPs, ZERO experience with PACs... so like I said, lots of studying over here...
    I'm listening to the Laura Gasparagis tapes & studying her "Pearls" book, and taking the practice tests off "Pass CCRN." On the practice tests I get 50-60% generally. For those of you that have taken the test, would you say this is pretty indicitive of how I will do on the exam?
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    I am a neuro ICU nurse. I passed the CCRN first try after 1 year. I just studied from the Kaplan CCRN review book. I did get to do an intership though that taught me about all of the ICU's in our hospital. Good luck.
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    I was scoring 80-90% on my practice tests (PASS CCRN! disk) and I passed on my first try. Remember though, cardiac and pulmonary make up much larger portions of the test than anything else. I didn't have much balloon pump or CRRT, but lots of Swan numbers.

    Good luck!
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    Although I do CVICU our neuro ICU nurses are passing just fine so don't worry. I got the Kaplan book from a library, read it, also went to a local review course. I did pass the ccrn cd questions and watched Laura G.

    good luck!
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    I passed the CCRN first try doing lots of practice questions. I did the Pass CCRN CD and the cardiac was hard. I prob did 50%on the CD and 85 on the legit exam. Remember they make the CCRN for ALL types of ICU nurses so they aren't going to go too crazy into a IABP. Search "CCRN" in iTunes and some free podcasts come up. The cardiac was ESP helpful.

    My advice: schedule it!!! Once I did I studied on and off for 3 months and passed!!!
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    13 months off orientation & 3 good weeks of studying & I PASSED TODAY!!! yay!!!
    Thanks yall for your replies!
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    hello daughteroftheking!

    I'm scheduled to take my ccrn soon and like everyone else- am SO nervous. Any last solid advice you can give me before going into the test? Any advice is appreciated! Have been doing many, many questions from PASS CCRN, have studied and done questions from Kaplan and watched Laura G. Still don't feel prepared because I don't know what I am getting into! lol.
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    Here are exam materials by David W. Woodruff

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