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Is there anyone else out there who is currently studying for the CCRN exam and would like to start a thread as perhaps a study and support group? I have just applied for the exam and have not yet set a date, but about in 3... Read More

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    Quote from Burnt2
    Study update:

    I'm focusing on endocrine today; i watched the AACN and the gasparis endo dvds this morning, I'm watching them again before work tonight; i'm also taking the mp3's to work on my ipod just in case it's slow.

    As a side: Gasparis is definitely better; she just gives you what you need to know. The AACN speaker straight out said "we won''t test you on adrenal insufficiency" and then went into a bunch of slides talking about diagnosis and treatment.

    nurse power!:spin::spin:
    That's cool, you are learning even if you won't be tested. Next time you have a guy with adrenal insufficiency you can yell,"get me the glucocorticoids stat!!!!" LOL

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    I have such a tiny brain though....oh well, you're right....I tend to have a negative attitude sometimes

    does anyone here do cvvh/prisma? I'm looking for some kind of online ed thing
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    Isn't cvvh constant hemodialysis and prisma a wound dressing? In any case we do ultrafiltration at our hospital and daily dialysis runs but I have yet to see anyone on CVVH. In other words, I don't know.
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    PRISMA is the actual brand of one of the CVVHD machine. We do CVVHD but I have yet to be trained, since they keep canceling the class. And yes, I have complained about that. Sorry, I'm no help!
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    Burnt 2

    I noticed you comment:
    "i'm also taking the mp3's to work on my ipod just in case it's slow. "

    How did you transfer this to mp3? I have the DVD copy, am I able to do this as well? I'm rather new to mp3's and downloading audio. Any help would be greatly appriciated. I am unable to get online at work and would love to have a way to study while working, or in transit.
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    Erm.....ended up using the twice-as-toughs and a couple security guys at work last night, so I didn't get to listen to those mp3's
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    Quote from Burnt2
    Erm.....ended up using the twice-as-toughs and a couple security guys at work last night, so I didn't get to listen to those mp3's
    OK Burnt, you have lost me on that terminology. What is the twice-as-toughs? Sounds like locked restraints perhaps? Drug OD?
    I had a pt with a pressure in the 70's, an EF of 10%, vented and on Dobutamine/diprivan. She had infarcted with clean coronaries!! Trops and CKMB's sky high. Recent lung CA with questionable mets to the brain. Then I had a 23 yo who has some congenital nephropathy with a creatinine of 2.3 who was doing coccaine, marijuana and ETOH. He came in with a pressure of 220/140's/Nipride gtt. and a severe head ache. So my night flew by? Not much time to study. But an interesting case or two.
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    Ooo, that vented patient sounds interesting....some kind of anoxic injury maybe? did she arrest? air emboli?

    I love those kind of patients

    twice as toughs are our hospitals super-restraints
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    This is what I love about the ICU, figuring out mysteries. I love working at a large teaching hospital, we have a lot of patients that make us "think"

    Guys, I have been slacking this weekend. I've been getting migraines almost everyday the past couple weeks, I finally get to go to the neurology clinic this coming week. Maybe I'll feel up to studying later in the week. Anyone else know when they're testing yet? I still haven't decided:uhoh21:
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    I am planning on taking the CCRN exam in the near future. I am trying to find some online material without having to buy too much to study for it. Let me know what you find out!

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