Remote CM job from Collabera with BCBS MI

  1. Hello everyone,

    I received a call from a company called Collabera, an IT staffing company, wanting me to apply for a job (via Collabera) to work for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan as a work from home case manager. I had to submit my resume and take a 40 question online computer skills test (from a company called "Prove It!").

    The Collabera person had a strong accent (outsourced job from somewhere in Asia probably) and I had a hard time understanding him, but after much repeating I was able to understand that they provide a laptop and pay my Internet bill; it's a 12 month contract position; no benefits; possibility of continuing on past the 12 months (not sure if that was perm or contract but think it was former); all remote (he didn't mention anything about phone calls with clients/customers/patients). I had to email back to him with a few answers to questions such as "am I able to work in the US", "do I need job accomodations". He seemed to want to know for sure that I could give 2 weeks notice sometime in Jan 2014 and start in Feb 2014 and I said yes I could. The pay we agreed on was about 30.00/hr. He said I'd be guaranteed 40 hours a week (I specifically asked this b/c I've seen on Allnurses where some places say you'll get 40 but then it doesn't pan out).

    Oh, and also I'm supposed to do a video/remote interview in January, after which I guess they/I will decide on the job.

    My current job is basically case management and I'm on the road all the time and am putting hundreds of miles on my car every week. It's not a pleasant job. I've wanted to work from home doing exactly this type of thing for some time so am obviously very interested. I do have half decent benefits at my current job and lots of flexibilty (basically I do home health).

    This pretty much fell into my lap and therefore I wonder if it's even legitmate because it sounds too good to be true.

    I googled Collabera and they seem to be legit, and while I can't find a job that sounds exactly like this one via google search, there are lots of BCBS jobs for CM RNs in Michigan.

    What do you guys/gals think? Does this sound legit? I haven't done this type of work (remote case management) before and don't really know what questions to ask at the interview.

    If anyone knows anything about Collabera or any of what I've mentioned, please let me know. I need feedback.

    Thanks so much, and Happy New Year!
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    Ok, so this website seems to be having tech issues. At least this "4th ed" of my post is more readable.
  4. by   funnygirl_rn2
    Hi. I have been seeing the "work from home" case management positions posted by Collabera. I appreciate the info you posted, for I was going to apply. I have reviewed their website, and as you said IT staffing agency. I have been working from home for 8 years, however I am also out in the field. When you spoke to HR, did they say what the position entails? Thanks so much!
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    Call me a cynical ol' bat, but I wouldn't give these people any personal information as part of the "application" process-- no SSN, no driver's license, no nursing license, no nothing, and certainly not a penny. Call BCBS directly and ask if they are using this agency to get them new hires before you do another thing with them. Last I saw, BCBS was bringing everyone in-house because they don't trust anybody.
  6. by   juschillin
    Funnygirl -- general case management job description plus what I mentioned in my post.

    Grntea -- I agree, never give any personal info out. They didn't ask me for anything. A staffing company (not this one) in a city I used to live in had a skills test that was done on this same site, Prove It!. I looked them up on glassdoor and seemed Ok. Didn't look them up on the Better Biz Bureau though. I'll try to keep this updated on how it goes. Thanks for sharing.
  7. by   funnygirl_rn2
    Thanks. I have researched online, Collabera has an IT contract with BC/BS, plus contracts with numerous fortune 500 companies. They are a legit staffing agency.
  8. by   juschillin
    Very good to know, thank you. I'll try and keep you posted.
  9. by   funnygirl_rn2
    Quote from juschillin
    Very good to know, thank you. I'll try and keep you posted.
    Thanks, you can always private message me & give me details. Appreciate it. Best of luck!
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    Quote from juschillin
    Ok, so this website seems to be having tech issues. At least this "4th ed" of my post is more readable.
    We have a bug with the recent are not the only one! our tech department is working on it....Thanks for your understanding!