LPN with a degree in Sociology Interested in Case Management

  1. Hello my name is Stephanie and I am an LPN. I have a Bachelor's in Sociology and I am interested in doing case management. Currently I work as a nurse in an assisted living facility. What are my chances of going into case management and getting hired? any helpe would be appreciated. Thank You
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  3. by   mclennan
    Most case management departments hire BSN only. Most insurance plans reimburse at a higher rate with BSN RNs as CMs, and most accreditation agencies are establishing BSN only standard goals. If these sorts of trends and rules didn't matter, and I ran the world, I'd hire you!
  4. by   SummerGarden
    What mclenna is stating is correct. A long time ago, LPNs were Case Managers in all kinds of settings. I have not seen a LPN Case Manager performing the duties that are now restricted to RNs by employers in over 10 years. Therefore, you will need to become a RN, work as a RN in a clinical setting for a few years, and then apply for a Case Management position to better your chances. Having a BA/BS in Sociology is "OK" because it can help you to understand what it is a Social Worker needs to do to discharge and place complicated patients, but it is not related exactly to what is expected of most Nurses on a daily basis (I know some settings try to get Nurses to be Social Workers without the license in Social Work or the training, however I highly discourage this practice... It is not safe). Nurse Case Managers are not Social Workers or Clinical Psychologist. Good luck.
  5. by   Lovesheana87
    Hey, I also have a lpn with a BA in sociology. Check out Montefiore CMO located in New York. Home. If you have any question contact me
  6. by   nurseprnRN
    The ANCC certification (RN-BC) requires an RN; the CCMC (CCM) doesn't, but it does require a four-year degree in a health field. Don't know if sociology would count, but you could ask them.

    If you aren't already hooked up with the local CMSA chapter, you can find them via the CMSA website. Great resources for contacts, CEUs, and other useful resources.