How to get position at UnitedHealth Group/Blue Cross Blue shield - page 3

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  1. by   juschillin
    Cover letters are a must! you shouldn't have to send in references until you get to the point where they have interviewed you and said they're gonna check your references. imo.
  2. by   LVN10
    Hi, I'm interested in persuing a position at United Healthcare, but as you said in your post United doesn't hire very often.

    I've noticed there's not many positions for LVN's at United Healthcare. Do they hire LVNs for Case Mgmt or Care Coordinator or Clinical Claims Review? Any advice on how to get on with the company, would be helpful. My email is listed below:

  3. by   bluesy51
    I worked for them .. and I have to tell you . They are bad news. You feel like you are in a slave ship.
    they watch your every move. there is no autonomy there. they do not treat you like a professional.

    And furthermore they are downsizing .. sending jobs to India and the Phillipines. They also use a lot of contract employees so they can fire them without cause when they send your job overseas.
  4. by   beeker
    Quote from mtngrl
    I work for United Healthcare as care coordinator in TN. I'm surprised someone said BlueCross doesn't give much orientation. I got 5 weeks at United, and they continually do ongoing training.What was your background before getting hired? It seems to me they do not hire very often. We NEED more people! Or we will be working even more than we already do....which is a LOT.I think they are a good company to work for.
    What was your background / experience before getting hired? Any tips?
  5. by   paradiseboundRN
    I worked for Blue Care Network after doing 5 years of home care. Great hours and benefits but prepared to be bored. Its was telephone work and typing up the assessments. It may have improved by now. That was 4 years ago.