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Education/experience required

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    I'm interested in becoming a RN case manager. I've been researching on line on how to get there, but the information I'm getting is confusing. There seems to be various ways to break into this field. Right now, I'm an RN with an ADN. Is it possible to break into this field with that alone or should I think about getting a BSN? Kaplan online college offers a certificate in casemanagement that takes 12 months, but to my understanding it is just a certificate, it will not give me a BSN. Has anybody done this? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Thank you
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    Please be cautious and do your research. There are many places that say they will provide you with "certification" by going through a series of (expensive) courses, but only some kinds of certifications are actually accepted. The two that are the most widely accepted are below:

    Care Manager Certified - CMC
    National Academy of Certified Care Managers (NACCM)
    (800) 962-2260

    Certified Case Manager - CCM
    Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC)
    (651) 789-3744

    (Information per The NAPGCM is a reliable source of information.)

    I would recommend utilizing either of these if you wish to obtain certification.

    Best of luck!
    Amanda Tillema
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    Thank you for your reply. Those certifications require at least a year of experience in the field before you can even apply to take the test, but how do you get in this field without them? Is it luck? Is there something I can do to give myself a leg up?

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    I would start by looking for a job in care/case management. You do not necessarily need to be certified as a care/case manager in order to get a job in that field. Once you have the necessary experience, you can apply to take the exam. Keep in mind that some jobs are not necessary called "care (or case) management" but entail those types of activities, so it may be considered enough to apply for the exam. I hope you have found this information helpful.

    Amanda Tillema
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    Very helpful! Thank you for your response.
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    Usually a BSN is preferred....Liberty Mutual has a lot of case management positions opened. Check out thier website and apply. Also, United Healthcare is hiring.
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    Most of the case manager at our LTACH were those hired directly from the floor without any prior expereince (including myself). So, I would let the director of case management know of your interest in getting into the field, so that he/she can keep you in mind for future availble oppurtunities. Also watch the job board at your place of employment our positions are usually filled fast. Good luck to you.
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    Also, I have been a CM for 3.5 years and I am just about to start studing for the CCM after I finish my BSN in Nov, 2011. I woud say dont try to get a certificate right now. Maybe get a reccomend book for the CCM exam and become familiar with the terminology and process to help in your interviewing skills.
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    It is true that RN Case Managers are hired directly off the floor. I heard a position was available in my hospital so I just expressed an interest to the director of case management. I learned on the job with no experience. I have an Associates in Nursing. Been working in case mgmt for over two years now and will sit for the CCM exam in December.
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    I too have an Associates degree, I work for United Healthcare. I do not have CM certification and don't know any case managers that do. So I sure am not even gonna think about it because my job is busy enough lol. This is my second job in case management and neither job has ever mentioned it.
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    Remember that hospice also employs RN case managers, although, in that role you not only manage the case but also provide nursing visits and skilled care.
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    I am currently enrolled in a Case Management course, which I decided would give me an advantage when applying for a CM position. Most job opportunities I see want experienced CM's, certification preferred. Much of the text in my course says a BSN prepared nurse receives this information during their schooling.

    It seems CM jobs are just as difficult to come by as other nursing jobs, and if you leave a hospital based position, it's no longer viewed as "nursing experience" which makes it almost impossible to get back into hospital nursing.


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