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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

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    I took the CCM on 8/29 and got a preliminary PASS! I think if you give yourself enough time to study for the test- you will do fine. It is based on very general concepts in Case Management. Feel free to PM me for a consult if you have any questions!
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    There are a few lucky people out there who can skirt their way through things. Usually I am one of those people. I started organizing my materials to review for this exam on Aug 23rd. I didn't start any sooner because I never really learned how to study and I would just forget the material if I started any sooner. (Yes, it's from my dopamine deficiency.) I can honestly say this exam was much more difficult for me than the NCLEX! How does one study for something when you really have no idea what to study? The CCMC suggests several books, but I didn't have the brain capacity or money to buy them all! I did purchase CCM Exam secrets on Amazon and surfed the web for definitions and concepts that I had never heard of in the study guide. The time in the testing center was the longest 3 hrs of my life.
    I think I lost a pound or two while taking it, LOL. The preliminary said pass. Be familiar with the terms, acronyms and various aspects of case management. I have only done inpatient CM. I would have flunked big time without preparation. BTW, thanks to all the previous posters and their suggestions. I could not have done it without you!!!!!
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    I took the exam 3 weeks ago, preliminary pass...I am usually a pretty good test taker, low anxiety, but I thought the test was pretty hard. I took the whole 3 hours and checked/rechecked my answers. I actually changed several answers. I studied for 2 1/2 months; read the core manual twice and bought Secrets to the CCM exam. I also took one of the CCMC retired exams. I think if you thoroughly read what the CCMC says to study in their study guide you'll be fine. Make sure and know the domains/subdomains and the glossary of terms. I looked stuff up on the internet if I couldn't find it anywhere else. There's no way I could have passed without a good bit of studying, but that's what works for me. Plus lurking on this website helped!
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    Took the exam 2 weeks ago and I agree it was difficult and very long. It felt like forever to finish 180 questions. I studied the CMSA core curriculum of case management, CCM secrets and Certistep CD . With so many topics to cover I felt like the Certistep CD served as my guide as to what I needed to focus on or what I still have to study. A lot of the questions were not on the books and I guess you really have to use your critical thinking skills here. I finished the exam in 2 hours , when I finished the survey, it took like 2 minutes for the result to come out.... PASS! If anybody is interested in using my exam materials I can sell it for half the price! Email me at Good luck!
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    Used Powells book and the Mometrix sample questions. I thought the exam was pretty basic. Dont study off the wall things that some of the online preps push. Good luck.
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    I took the CCM exam recently & passed on first try. I spent the better part of the summer studying for it & after reading the horror stories on here, I honestly didn't think I had much of a chance, though I've been an Acute Rehab nurse for 7 years & it certainly helped with this. If you're studying for it, I would highly recommend WWW.CCMPREP.COM & the Mometrix CCM book. CCMPREP has 1500 review questions, & is very helpful. I've never done CM before, but I've been looking for something I could do from home eventually, & this is one of them (well, not right away) If anyone has any helpful info re: Aetna Insurance, I'm all ears. They've been advertising up & down the east coast for CM, but I don't know their pay scale or how they are to work for. BTW, the Mometrix CCM book has some really good test taking tips that I found extremely helpful. Good luck to all of you getting ready to take the exam!! And 'thank you' to all of you who did take it & wrote about it here. It was very helpful as well.

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    Thankful for this! I've been studying what I could find so that I have more of an idea of what I will be learning I have a history of HH CM but I am trying to get on with an insurance company, and as soon as I qualify, I will be going to certification.
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    Just passed the CCM today!! So so very happy. Thanks for the great tips
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    Now your learning really begins.
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