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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

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    Quote from Danka2013
    Hi all, was looking into qualifications to take CCM test and not sure if I will qualify... I have BSN and 4 years home health nursing/case manager experience with adults. Did anyone with home health adult experience qualified? Appreciate your response!
    The CCMC website has very specific criteria for sitting the CCM exam, and also has an exam blueprint. What items do you have questions about?
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    Passed in 08-2015, used Core Curriculum and CM Made Easy books as well as DataChem test prep which I have for sale on ebay:
    Case Manager Certification Exam Test Prep CD from Datachem | eBay
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    Passed in 08-2015, used Core Curriculum and CM Made Easy books as well as DataChem test prep which I have for sale on ebay:
    Case Manager Certification Exam Test Prep CD from Datachem | eBay
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    Anyone have the Data Chem disc they are wanting to sell?
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    I passed the CCM exam in December 2015. I prepared using the CCM Certification Made Easy book. Cumulatively, I probably spent about 2 days studying. This included taking the official practice test the night before. I mostly reviewed the rehab, utilization review, and insurance information as these were the areas I was least familiar with. Overall, I felt the test was straightforward and designed to measure the basics that one would already know from nursing education and working as a case manager. (I have been an RN for 3 years and worked as a community health case manager for 2 years). There were a few questions that I don't think I would have known if I hadn't also had an educational background in public health, but mostly everything else was straightforward. Best wishes to those preparing to take the test!
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    does anyone have study guides, resources etc they would want to sell?
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    Does anyone have a datachem study cd for ccm?
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    I've worked both clinic and insurance case management. Clinic case management is more hands on and collaboration with providers. Must easier to get the real story on the patients/ members. Insurance is more working on gaps in care that drive up cost of healthcare. I loved both positions!
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    I just took the CCM. Passed. I thought it was pretty easy actually. The only thing I studied was CCM Exams Secret Study Guide. For a very short book with only 150 practice test questions, this book was spot on. e.g. there were 2 questions on a legal word I had never even seen before reading this book. I have been a case manager in various ways for nearly 20 years and had resisted certification because of the expense and basically I think it is a bit of joke. And I still do. Any employer who thinks this test proves somebody is a real case manager hasn't a clue.
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    Hi Everyone! I will take the CCM Exam on August. I am wondering if anyone wants to sell their Data Chem CD? Also, any current study tips or advice on preparing for the exam will be very much appreciated!
    God Bless!
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    Hi Danka2013! I just received word that I am qualified to sit for the exam. If you have questions- call their customer service number on their website. They are very helpful. I called them three times for application questions.
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    Doesn't it matter where you work? At one of my skilled facilities, we had a Case Manager who was a social worker. He became certified although I'm not sure by whom but he didn't follow the patient through the continuum...just from admission to discharge in the nursing home.