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    I have read many threads regarding PCCN preparation. I was hoping to start studying for the exam to possibly test in about 3 months. Many people have recommended different study material. I was wondering, since most of those postings were in the past and most of you have probably tested by now, if you could enlighten me on what worked best for you.

    I have ordered AACN Essentials of Progressive Care Nursing and Critical Care Examination Review.

    I was hoping to also order a study program and have narrowed it down to David Woodruff's PCCN Review or Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio's CCRN Study Review.

    I had read in some postings, that there is a difference between studying for the CCRN and PCCN. I have heard only good things about Laura Gasparis Vonfrolios review. Do you think her review is OK for a PCCN study guide.

    Thank you in advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I took the PCCN exam just last July and thankfully I passed. I tried using the CCRN reviewers but it tends to get confusing since the focus of CCRN is different to that of the PCCN. I also tried using the AACN's progressive care book but it didn't really help me. What I used was David Woodruff's PCCN audio review and the CD-ROM from AACN. Listening over and over to the CDs really helped.

    I just checked out ebay and they're selling David Woodruff's PCCN review.
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    If you go to AACN.org they have a practice test you can take (you have to pay) that will give you an idea if you are prepared.

    I studied a lot, but unfortunately I studied the wrong things. Things popped up on the test that I had never encountered. But I passed. I thought it was a really hard test though.

    I plan to stay certified so I never have to take the test again.
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    I took the PCCN exam in August and passed--thankfully! It was honestly the most difficult exam that I have taken yet. I only used the AACN Essentials of Progressive Care Nursing and the online Pre-Test. I bought a CCRN review book (the kind with practice questions) and did not find it helpful at all. Study the topics on the outline available at the AACN website, as well as your application packet. That will help you as well. Good Luck with your Exam!
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    I took it in oct of this month and passed. Was a very difficult test. We had an inhouse PCCN review in August and I studied David Woodruffs course as well.
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    Hi there if i'm not too late try David Woodruff Cds or aacn dvd package. AACN also sells a 120 question booklet and there is a self assessment exam. I am taking the test soon. Let me know if this info helps any.


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    Update...I took the PCCN in February and passed. Hard test though. By the 100th question I was ready to go home. I studied Woodruff and Gasparis. Thanks for all the input.
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    Hi all,
    I took my PCCN yesterday and unfortunately i lost it for 4 questions... It was a hard test. Can anyone out there give me some advices about how & what to study and all? also any suggestions are welcome... i have to pass this test...
    I used the PCCN certification review book with 1000's of Q&A, but for some reason the questions i had for the real test was entirely different....
    I am thinking about studying the theory more with the AACN blueprint...
    Please help..........
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    I thought David Woodruff's review course was great. I passed the exam on the first try. I did use AACN's self assessment test as well, just to boost my confidence and prove to myself that I was ready.
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    I used Woodruff's study guide and passed on the first try last year. I listened to his cd's on my way to work and used his methods: timeline, limiting study per night, and flash cards.
    I found the most useful part was his blood gases section.
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