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pacemakers and hiccups

  1. 0 Hi! Please only nice responses, I have done research and haven't actually found an answer to my question(s). Why would someone get persistant hiccups with a pacemaker, and what problems does this cause. Thanks for your answers!
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    If the lead is placed too near the phrenic nerve, then each time an impluse travels through the lead it will stimulate the nerve.
    Our Cardiologists and Electrophysiologist always test the leads after positioning them, to see if there is any diaphragmatic stimulation at maximum output, in that position.

    Hope that helps.
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    This can be frightening for the patient(especially when the nurse freaks out) and uncomfortable.

    Sometimes it can be alleviated by reprogramming, but sometimes it requires lead replacement.
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    We had one patient with the lead irritating the phrenic nerves as a previous poster has mentioned.
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    thanks so much for your responses! this definetly helps and all makes sense now!