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I am in my last year of nursing school (graduating in May!) and I work as a Nurse Fellow on a Telemetry unit right now. I plan to stay on this unit as long as there is a job opening when I am done, and since more and more units... Read More

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    I second the paramedic comment! I will say for the life of me I couldn't understand them....talked to an EMT in the ED and had em down pat in less than a shift!

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    Once hired call the education department at your facility or ask your manager if there is an EKG class available. I work in a level II trauma center and they have a WONDERFUL 4 day EKG course (that we were actually required to take to work on CV Step) and it made everything so clear to me, and I got CEUs=win-win! I used the book EKGs Made Easy by Aehlert in school and it was a great resource as long as you have time to read (HA!), but the RN teaching the class just laid out the facts about the rhythms and what was important and gave us much practice and voila! it all makes sense now! Best of luck, keep practicing

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