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  1. Is there anyone out there with CVN certification? I'm interested in obtaining it, but having a difficult time getting some questions answered. I wrote accn twice and they haven't answered me. Do you have to have your BSN to get your CVN? I looked this up and it LOOKS like you can have your ADN, it's just a different level certification. Maybe I'm wrong. Also, is there any study material out there to help prepare for it? Even if you need your BSN for the certification, I'd still like some study materials, as I'm back in school for my BSN anyway. Any help anyone can provide would really be appreciated!! Thanks!
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  3. by   XIGRIS

    i am taking the certification this march. no, you dont have to be a BSN to take the exam. an ADN is acceptable. the only difference is your credentials.
    for ADN it is RN,C
    for BSN its RN,BC

    i dont have a review book yet. i am trying to get me one. i have ccrn review books now

    btw, there will be a CCRN exam for progressive nurses( telemetry ans step down nurses ) given by AACN hopefully that will start next year.

    good luck....
  4. by   allele
    Thanks Xigris! I'll start looking around some more for review materials myself. Thanks for the info on the exam for progressive nurses too! I work in a stepdown unit myself, I'll be very interested. Thanks again!
  5. by   ethelbsnrn
    Are you talking about Board certified cardiovascular nurse? I am looking for reviewers, but was advised to use ccrn reviewers.
  6. by   efy2178
    I have worked in Elecytrophysiology for the past two years and was looking to get certified in cardiac/cardiovascualr Nursing. I find there are 2 different Boards to get certified.

    The American College of Cardiovascular Nursing:
    For this certification there are 5 different levels. You do not need to have a SBN to take the first couple of levels but you need a masters for some of the other levels. They also differentiate between areas like MICU, non-acute, etc.

    American Nurses Credentialing Center:
    ANCC differentiates between BSN and ADN and has two different exams. If you take the ADN exam you get to use RN, C which stands for 'certified'. If you have a BSN you use RN, BC which stands for Board certified.
    These are the credentials the 'Magnet status' hospitals encourage. You get a discount if you are a member of the American Nurses Association.

    CCRN is for Critical Care RN and does not require a degree but encompasses more than just cardiac nursing.
  7. by   KL - NP
    what is the difference between the CVN exam which has a few levels to test at and the Board Certified Cardiac Vascular Nursing Certifications?? I have worked in Cardiac nursing both tele/bedside/critical and now work with interventional cardiology/cardiac education and am looking at taking one of these tests
  8. by   yoginurse2b
    Does anyone know what are some good cardiac books to study for CVN 1?
  9. by   peachy13rn
    Yes, are there any good books to use to study for CVN? I went to the ACCN website, and it talks all about the credentials, etc, but I don't see any study guide per se, to study for this test. (I mean, the CEN has a book that you can order and study from.)
  10. by   MMARN
    I'm very interested to know about this too. If anyone could give us some insights it would be greatly appreciated.
  11. by   Nurse McDreamy
    They sell the review book for the certification here:

    you get a discount if you are an ANA member
  12. by   peachy13rn
    Thanks for the info!
  13. by   ECRN 4085
    I was curious if anyone has taken this test recently. I am preparing to sit for it and was searchin for an idea of what it would be like. I purchased the review manual and took the prep test, however I cant find any other legitimate review material. Any comments about further review/what to expect would be appreciated. Thanks all!!