Cath Lab Recovery?

  1. My hospital has a position available for a "Cath Lab Recovery RN." I am trying to figure out exactly what this nurse might do... It says they work in holding, with pre- and post- cath patients. I have ICU, OR and PACU experience, so I think I am qualified. I just wonder exactly what they do... If I recall correctly from nursing school, cath patients are usually just sedated right? How long do they typically stay in "cath lab recovery" before they move on to a post-cath unit?
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  3. by   nursej22
    Our cardiac recovery unit would
    1) prep patients coming in from home: labs, 2 IV sites, consent, shave prep, mark pulses, EKG, pre-procedure meds.
    2) recover patients post procedure: pull sheaths prn, monitor VS q15min while sheath in and 1 hour post hemostasis, insert foleys prn.
    3) do hospital admit for patients going to the floor: general admission history, med reconcilliation, call report to floor and transport.
    4) discharge patients home prn: ambulate post procedure, dc IVs, teaching.

    I did this for 3 years,but it got a little too repetitious for me. Keep your head down, I know you haven't eaten since yesterday, no you can't get up just to use the bathroom.
    Rinse, lather, repeat.
  4. by   turnforthenurse
    They do not always pull sheaths. I find patients come to my unit (or ICU) with sheaths still in place and we are expected to pull them.
  5. by   CCL RN
    In all the labs I worked in, the holding area pulls the sheaths unless they are going to the ICU. That's just a standard of care. So yes, they pull lots of sheaths.

    In the ICU, you have a smaller pt load than a tele nurse. You can pull your own sheath.

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