Afib with RVR vs. Uncontrolled Afib?

  1. 0 Hello cardiac nurses!

    I've got a question for you:

    What's the difference between Afib with RVR and Uncontrolled Afib?

    I'm a CNA who is cross trained as a monitor tech in the heart center at my hospital and in the tech room we call afib with a rate higher than average 110 uncontrolled afib but have seen pts admitted with a Dx of Afib with RVR. I've done a little research on the internet and can't find the difference. Can you please help me out?
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    There is none. It's like tomato, tomatoe, potato, potatoe, envelop, envelope........they are all the same item it just depends how you want to spell and pronounce them. It's like saying pop in Ohio for a soft drink, It's a soda in Massachusetts, and Tonic in Maine. It's a milk shake where I come from in the midwest and a frappe in New England. I call it a water fountain and in New England it's a bubbler.

    Good question though!
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    Yup, same-same.

    Its pop, btw. Even almost a decade in the south couldn't convince me othewise.
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    Basically what Esme said

    Quote from Do-over
    Yup, same-same.

    Its pop, btw. Even almost a decade in the south couldn't convince me othewise.
    I have lived all over, but growing up I always called it soda. When I moved to Ohio, I remember ordering some food and they asked, "would you like a pop?" and I just stared at them and said, "what the h*** is a pop?" Now I know!
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    Thanks for the answers, guys!!


    In high school we had a transfer student from Massachusetts come to my small town high school in Indiana and we had a "wicked good time" trying to figure out what the hell she was saying most of the time! lol
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    I hail from Indiana as well......when I went to college there was a girl from MA and she kept wanting to potty......I thought she was over sharing, she wanted to party.....Go figure!
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    Had a customer (when I was a waitress) order a Jack and soda. He was not pleased with his drink, and he was also not from the midwest! I thought it was odd that someone would want Jack Daniels with soda water....but there were many strange birds that came to drink in that place...
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    It should always be the same, but a lot of times it depends on the doc. I've seen a rate in the 90's dx afib w/ rvr and I've seen a rate of 130's dx just afib. The latter doesn't really matter, because afib is afib, but the former can be important as if you're getting a pt from ER or another floor with a dx of afib w rvr, you might not be getting true rvr. Anyway, probably useless info.

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