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  1. Does anyone have any experiences or insight on the University of Calgary? I'm specifically looking at their BNAT program since I already have a bachelors degree. It would also be useful to get a feel for nursing in Alberta in general or what it's like to live in Calgary. I've been living in Montreal for the past 5 years and although I love this city I'm really keen to go west, I just want to make sure it's a good choice school. It makes me a little nervous that they just switched over to guaranteed acceptance at 3.0, but as long as it's sufficiently rigorous and a good educational experience I won't worry about it.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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  3. by   jerwins
    Same here I consider going to UofC for Fall 09' but for BNRT though. I have read a survey about the university on and it gives me a second thought on taking their nursing program. Read the article under 'oncampus'. It will give you a good idea what students think about the Univ.
  4. by   CharmedJ7
    What section are you looking at? I didn't see anything specifically about their nursing program or insight from nursing students. I hear that the medical and nursing schools here are pretty highly regarded, and I was impressed with the facilities they have (they just opened a new simulation center that sounds neat), but I'd definitely like to hear from current students. Could you link me?
  5. by   jerwins
    I wasnt talking about the faculty itself but as an institution. Yes I agree that they have just recently updated their nursing clinical facility and as well as their course outline which will be effective in January 2010. I am not sure if the students who will be starting on fall 09' are the first batch who will experience the updated course outline.

    Talking to current students is the best idea so you'll know what they have to say about the program. BTW this is the link about univ survey
    you will notice that small schools excel the survey. That makes me think of considering Mount Royal College for Nursing. What do you think?
  6. by   glim06

    I'm wondering where you heard that U of C gaurantees acceptance at 3.0? Thanks.

  7. by   RNStudent2013
    I don't think there is a 3.0 guarantee anymore. For the Transfer route intake this Fall, I was told they were looking at 3.85 as a competitive GPA due to the number of seats they expected to give to Transfer students. The January entry (either Transfer route or Degree Holder route) probably has a lower acceptance average, but even for last January I knew some people with above a 3.0 that were put on a wait list. But, the U of A was guaranteeing acceptance at 3.0 and above for their Fall 2011 After-Degree intake...

    Also, is there anyone out there who is in this program now? I'm interested in hearing what you think of it so far!
  8. by   glim06
    Quote from RNStudent2013
    I don't think there is a 3.0 guarantee anymore. For the Transfer route intake this Fall, I was told they were looking at 3.85 as a competitive GPA due to the number of seats they expected to give to Transfer students.
    Wow! 3.85 is really getting up there. I wish I'd been around when there was a 3.0 gaurantee. I'm applying to the degree holder route that starts in Jan 2012. I've got a 3.2 aGPA when the admissions advisor expected the competitive average to be 3.4. Hopefully, they look at my other qualifications as well!

    Best of luck getting in this fall!
  9. by   petethecanuck
    I'm in the "last" BNAT class, Jan 2010 entry and can only speak to the old accelerated program. GPA admission was pretty competitive, (> 3.0 for sure) in my class with about 45 seats.

    For the Sept 2009 BNAT class there was a 3.0 guarantee and it turned out to be a gong show.. 165+ students in that class. I actually stared in that class and transferred into the Jan 2010 entry due to the size.

    The new revamped 2 year after degree program started this past January but I don't know their admission GPA. Haven't seen the new students around much actually but I know it's a relatively smaller class size too, ~ 74 seats.

    My BNAT experience has been a mixed bag I'm glad it's coming to a close. I wish the new 2 year after degree program was in place a few years ago because on paper it looks very interesting.
  10. by   glim06
    Hey Petethecanuck (I'm from Vancouver too btw =D),

    Thanks for your answers! So are you in the 20 month program? Must be crazy but it's great that you're almost finished!

    Do you remember if U of C looked at anything beyond your aGPA? Such as an essay, volunteerism, work experience, etc, etc. If so, how much of your application was weighted on these external factors?

    Lastly, this may be jumping the gun but do you recall how long it took them to get back to people in terms of whether they were accepted, waitlisted, or rejected?

  11. by   RNStudent2013
    Hi Grace,

    As far as I know, they only look at GPA for admissions, but it's only the last 10 courses you took. And I don't think you need to worry yet about having a 3.2... I'm not 100% clear on what competitive average means, but I am guessing it means that if you have a 3.4, your chances of getting in are really good? I'm not sure. I just can't imagine everybody entering the Transfer route this September had a 3.85 or above...

    Anyway, I'm going to be starting this September, so if you get in I think we will have classes together at some point! Good luck!
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  12. by   glim06
    Hey RNstudent2013,

    I suppose 3.85 is the average rather than the minimum but even then, that's quite the GPA. CONGRATS on getting in with competition like that. =D =D

    Good luck in September and with luck I'll be there soon too.

  13. by   petethecanuck
    @ Grace

    Yeah the 20 month program was a meat grinder. For instance, we just finished up our senior 4th year course: Advanced Concepts in Nursing Practice (42 hour block course), in only 7 days.

    I really hope the new revamped 2 year program is a success and the students aren't as bitter or burnt out like many of my colleagues.

    Far as other criteria the U may look at besides GPA, you could try submitting your application under the Diverse Qualifications Admissions Policy.

    I was accepted within a few weeks after applying (applied in January 2009, accepted a few weeks later for Sept 2009 entry) but I have friends who didn't find out until a few weeks before classes started.

    @ RNstudent Congrats on your acceptance! The transfer route will be a much more manageable (and enjoyable) journey for you. You'll probably be getting a lot of SIM labs as the faculty is fully embracing that teaching tool. They are quite fun and a great learning experience.

    Good luck guys!

  14. by   Dela RN
    I started the accelerated track in January 2009. Finished this past August. Admittance at that time was strictly based on GPA of your last 10 courses and it was also a competitive GPA meaning if there are 10 seats available, out of all those people who applied, the 10 people with the highest GPA would get in. This would obviously change from year to year. That was my understanding anyway... Things may have changed by now so I'm not completely sure what their process is now.