University of Alberta - After Degree Program Fall 2018

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Just want to know who else is apply to Nursing After Degree Program for Fall 2018.

    I have already applied and will be taking one last prereq course through Macewan this winter term.

    does anyone know what is the competitive GPA for fall intake?
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  3. by   IoanaD

    I am currently on the fence about the program, but I am very inclined to apply. I am planning on finishing the prerequisites and currently waiting on permission to enrol in a Microbiology course. I am not sure about the GPA, but I can imagine it would be competitive. Tempted to say over 3.5...?

    Are you from Edmonton?
  4. by   tuktuki
    I called the office and she said GPA is currently 3.5 and it has been this for past few years as well. Unless applicant pool changes drastically, it should stay 3.5.

    yes i am from edmonton and i really hope to get in. where are you from?