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I am starting a thread for UFV, Sept 2013 applicants (thus the title) I am a Jan 2013 reject and hoping for a spot in the fall. Is anyone here a repeat applicant?... Read More

  1. by   MichMm
    Thanks for all the info thonysn!! It was so helpful!

    I will have to contact one of the nursing coordinators about the English. Anybody else register in English 105 CRN 90555? because I did not.. and that section is full already..
  2. by   kbevans56
    Hello all,

    I have seen a few of these forums and thought it was time to make an account so I could ask all of you a few questions... Here's a bit about myself.. I graduated in 2012 and have been working in the oil rigs for the last year so I can pay for school and will be attending UFV this September to do my chem 083 (equivalent to chem 11) and 2 more classes (depends on waitlists but eng 105, pysc 101, or soc 101). I am currently volunteering at a seniors home and will have a little over 100 hrs when I apply. I also have 91% in eng 12, 83% in math 11, 85% in bio and I am wondering for those who got accepted for Sept 2013 what they had so I can compare and see if I should be doing any upgrading. I have my doubts as I am sure many of you did and am looking for some insight. I am also hoping someone can provide me with some information on what is asked in the interview and anything else that will affect me getting accepted. Any insight is much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. by   sand2628
    I got accepted into the program! I had been waitlisted andl about a week ago I got a phone call saying I got accepted but they said I have to do eng 105 online or something along those lines! Btw how can I get access to the fb group ?
  4. by   Paraston
    Sand2628, congrats!! I sent you a private message with the Facebook link!

    Kbevans56, here was what I had when I got accepted:

    English 12: A
    Biology 12: A
    Chemistry 11: B (also did chemistry 12 with a B...not sure if that mattered or not)
    Principles of Math 11 (and 12): B

    English 105: A+
    Math 104: B+
    Anthropology 102: B

    I don't know what the percentages were...I think mid-high 90's for my A's and low-mid 80's for the B's. I also did a business certificate in 2008 at UFV with a 3.61 gpa. Apparently that helped too.

    I had approx 120 volunteer hours at a long-term care home and hospital ER. My interview went really well...she seemed more concerned with making sure I was mature enough and emotionally ready to handle this program rather than what I knew about the nursing field (although they expect you to know nursing values and whatnot...all information you'll be prepared for by reading info on the crnbc website!). Also reading forums and blogs (like you're doing now) really gave me a lot of confidence going into the essay and interview.

    I had to try through two intakes before I was accepted (originally applied for jan 2013, but didn't make it to the interview). I found out around November I didn't get excepted. So after my first rejection I re-upgraded my biology and I completed engl 105, math 104, and anth 102. I also upped my volunteer hours from 65 to 120.

    Good luck! It sounds like you're ready with your grades and volunteer hours. Just work on your writing and interview skills. And read as much as you can about nursing, and you'll do great! Remember, the competition is different every intake, so if you don't get accepted the first time, try again! (And upgrading never hurts, as I learned!)
  5. by   FraserGirl
    The secret to get into UFV is to state that you live rent-free and have a rich Aunt that is financing your education, therefore, you will not need to work a part-time job during your studies.

    Say this in your application package and you will get an interview.
  6. by   sand2628
    Hey guys I was just wondering who is planning to stay in chilliwack? Is it worth staying or driving is the way to go
  7. by   phoenixforealz
    LOL, FraserGirl. Touche.
  8. by   gg1234
    Hi Paraston.
    I have been accepted for the fall 2014 intake at UFV for Nursing.
    I was wondering when it was that you started the program.
    I heard August, I heard September, but I am wondering what an
    approximate date was that you started! Thanks
  9. by   KimberS
    Depends if you are doing the first or second part of A&P
  10. by   gg1234
    it would be the first part of A&P
  11. by   KimberS
    Then you should start in September. I know that we did last year and the people who were in the second half of A&P started just that class in August. Congrats on getting in