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I am starting a thread for UFV, Sept 2013 applicants (thus the title) I am a Jan 2013 reject and hoping for a spot in the fall. Is anyone here a repeat applicant?... Read More

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    Obviously i would choose UFV. It has a much better program and its closer to home. Also, they do practice through Abbotsford regional hospital and i have been volunteering there for 2 years and really enjoy it ! I'm not even sure if ill get into kwantlen I'm just hoping i get in UFV !!! if i dont get into UFV however, and kwantlen does offer me a seat i think i would accept it because its better than to wait again for another 6 months.. and t not even know that UFV will accept me again.

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    I have not really chosen another school to apply, so im quite nervous and anxious to get a letter. Its crazy when you think that only 2 years ago that applying for this program was so easy :/ where do the time go?
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    I checked my application status still says "ready for review by program" . I was also wondering if any of you applied to other universities if so which ones?
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    Ahhhh...and so it begins. It doesnt seem like too long ago that we were having the same conversation, regarding our UFV status. I am sick of seeing 'ready for review by program'
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    haha me to baileybee! but dont worry we all are but hey! uni is done so it kinda gives a little time to wind down and breath. the counting days are actually just around the corner and by next week we will be hitting that refresh button on myufv every single second?maybe? lol ive picked up baking as my pastime :$ hope for the best!
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    I only applied for UFV and Kwantlen (current school) but I honestly think I prefer UFV.. I don't know why but I think it's because of the campus and it seems like the school carry so much pride. I would love to feel that way if I ever get into UFV..

    Anyways, May is almost here. Let's keep each other updated and hope for the best. I am really praying for all us on this forum. It would be super fun to go through 3-4 years of blood, sweat and tears together. Haha! One thing I am looking forward to is starting a new circle of friendship with the classmates.. Ahhhhhh okay I don't want to think about it anymore. I'm getting nervous again hahaha! I will check back in a bit. :P.

    Ooh and as my past time activity... hmm I actually haven't been doing much but avoiding to think too much about it. I remember last intake I was obsessing and stressing over it. It didn't do me any good. Receiving the rejection letter was a killer. BUT I won't lie and say I havent been checking up on this forum every day.... haha and I have checked myUFV every once in awhile even though I don't expect anything. Lol I actually look for inbox notifications.. I don't know why though. Luckily my phone has a problem with logging into myUFV so that's helps with avoiding the stress.
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    Yay! Home stretch!! It's our last week of waiting! I will be joining all of you, I'm sure, in checking myufv every 5 minutes over the next two weeks. Good luck to all, and try to keep busy! (Which I guess checking myufv every 5 minutes would be sort of counterproductive with that advice...)

    Please be sure to post here if you get an acceptance! You know...after you bawl your eyes out and tell all your friends and family!
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    Reading all these posts makes me smile and think about how cool it would be that if all of us got in, we wud all have each other to go through school with. i think that was one of my jitters: to start a whole new school year without actually knowing one person. Just looking on the positiv-er ( lol ) side, i wonder what the next step would be after we get our acceptance..like do we join another group online? things to look forward to
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    re-reading the ufv 2012 thread, they knew via myufv by may 4th.. AHHHH fingers crossed its the same this year cause then 4 more days!
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    During my interview, **** told me that we would know first week of May... So obviously I will be checking my status everyday (several times a day) for the next week
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