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Hello, I'm new to the site and I saw the thread for last years appilcants to UBC nursing so I thought I would start one for this year. How is the application going for everyone, any... Read More

  1. by   krasmussen27
    Hey everyone, it's getting so close, congrats to elle and iris, so great that we will be seeing you at the end of the month!

    Hart16 - As for MSP I beleive as students we are all considered low income and should get premium assistance. I had a full time job where my MSP was paid for a couple of years ago and then became low income without any MSP coverage. I applied with the MSP (you can find all the info on their website) for preimum assistance and now I don't pay any monthly fees. It is based on the previous years tax return for proof of low income so if you are high income up till september I think you would have to wait till next year (or even the year after if you made more than 30,000 this year). You can also apply for temporary assistance. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. I am not sure how it works for students coming to BC for the first time or for those who have never had thier own MSP before (i.e. they were covered by their parents).

    Kmb - I have a question about the text books. I saw in one of the letters that **** sent out that it is very important that we have our books the first day because we will have readings. When will the upper years be selling their books? I am also hoping to buy my books early to avoid the crazy bookstore line ups!

    I think a dinner in the next couple of weeks would be great! Lets make it happen!

    See you soon!
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  2. by   k_mb
    Upper years will be selling their books to you guys either the friday of your orientation (before class starts) or the during the first week of your orientation. Of course you will have readings on your first day so if you really feel the need to do these readings ahead of time then go out and buy the book.... I believe that everyone who did that last year regretting not getting the books much cheaper at the consignment sale. But of course it is always personal preference. It would be at most a few chapters which I'm sure would be very easy to catch up on. Again, your preference, but I know ALOT of books are ready for the consignment for you guys. Also.... 15% of that consignment goes to the NUS charity of the year!

    I recommend you all join the facebook group for the 2011-2013 cohort as people are posting some things up on there about CPR classes, used scrubs, BP cuffs etc.