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hey everyone!:welcome: the last couple of years i've been working as a paramedic in british columbia, canada and have found that i'm better suited for nursing, i love the job but i can't stand... Read More

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    Do not go to private colleges.
    I did my medical laboratory at Stenberg College.
    Wait and do you LPN at VCC it is a reputable school and you will have paid 1/6 less of what Sprot Shaw and Stenberg will charge you.

    I wish the private schools were more regulated becuase they are a business and they only care about $$$$$ not students.

    Please becareful with chosing the right school for your LPN studies.

    Good Luck!
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    DEFINATLEY do not not do sprott shaw. And if there are other alternatives go there. BUT I am going to Vancouver career college. The schools here in the lower mainland except that school and the university as the highest when it comes hiring.

    I am fortunate as mine is being sponsored. And they just recently got accredited. Go to their website and it will tell you about the outside group that does it and what improvements they are making.

    Ya gotta do what you gotta do.
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    I went to Sprott-Shaw for my Pharmacy Technician diploma and I got screwed. I graduated with honors which is all fine and dandy but it was next to impossible to get a job cause SS's courses aren't recognized anywhere.

    I have a family friend who is doing her LPN through SS and its not going to be pretty when she graduates. SS is NOT recognized by the Canadian LPN people and they won't let you write the licensing exam unless you have a few years of experience under your belt. So she has to work as a nursing assistant before she can get licensed which is a huge waste of time.

    My advice, avoid SS like the plague. Sure you can fast track your course but its not worth it in the long run because its not recognized and its impossible to get a job. I'm living proof.

    Look for a recognized college for LPN so you can write the licensing exam once you graduate. A list of recognized schools can be found at any College of Licensed Practical Nurses. You just need to find the one that's in your province, ie B.C..

    Best of luck!
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    Since when is Sprott shaw not recoginzed by the canadian lpn people? I recently graduated from sprott shaw about 2 months ago and took the LPN licensing exam this week. I think Sprott Shaw was a really great school and I felt like I was well prepared for not only the national exam but also prepared to be out in the work force as soon as I graduated. Not all sprott shaws are the same you have to do your research and find out about the different locations. So no you don't have to have experience for a few years before you can write the licensing exam, you can write it as soon as you graduate from there.
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    I've actually just finished my nursing school (LPN) at SSCC.
    The instructors were amazing, but the administration was hell ( in many different ways ). At some point in my schooling year i felt as though the adminstration was more interested in money, rather than the students. The school is VERY costly but other than that I had a blast and learned alot.
    I also had no problem finding a casual position at the hospital. gLuck.
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    Quote from soyourefromcanada
    I've actually just finished my nursing school (LPN) at SSCC.
    The instructors were amazing, but the administration was hell ( in many different ways ). At some point in my schooling year i felt as though the adminstration was more interested in money, rather than the students. The school is VERY costly but other than that I had a blast and learned alot.
    I also had no problem finding a casual position at the hospital. gLuck.
    What campus did you go through?
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    Hi, this is my first post here so hopefully I'm doing it right I see that oopsyadaisy mentioned they were going to Vancouver career college and that was back in May, if you see this message I was wondering if you could let me know how it is going, do you like that school? I am currently trying to decide if I should go to Sprott-shaw, Vancouver Career college, or the Canadian health care academy. I have the e.i. sponsorship thing and no time to wait so I'm going to take a chance with a private school, but I'm having trouble picking one. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Dont go to vancouver career college. I am close to the end of one year there, I've hated it. I have yet to hear a grad say they had a good experience there.
    Their intake of students is huge, then they have problems finding placements for practicums. My second sem practicum was all care aide work. In five weeks I gave meds out three times, and gave two injections. Nothing else. Not the best learning situation to prepare for sem 3, which hasn't been much better, then be thrown to the wolves for perceptorship, or worse, when you reach the workplace.
    nuff said, it gets worse.
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    do it. doesnt matter where you go to school if you have a passion for it and a disire to acheive you will. attitude is everything.
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    Quote from Brandon99
    do it. doesnt matter where you go to school if you have a passion for it and a disire to acheive you will. attitude is everything.
    Tell us more about your experience then. Don't leave us hanging.

    We've been dying to hear something positive with this business.
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    Okay, here's one side. I read all the threads and felt there were some underlying feelings going on here from lots of people. Yes I am sure there are some difficult circumstances people have dealt with insofar as being a consumer buying a product from a school and feeling that they are not getting what they expected. Personally I believe they may have not asked the school all the questions at the beginning. Sprott is a very well established college and been turning a profit for 100 years and a hefty price for tuition no question. Firstly I am at Sprott in Maple Ridge. I asked a lot of questions. Couldn't be happier.
    Everywhere I go I find.... myself. In any given situation at any given moment I find myself with the outcome being based largely on my attitude and whatever type of energy I bring to the table. I am 39 married, 4 kids and just left a dying construction industry with my tail between my legs and dog tired of investing into someone else's dream. Not my calling. It took a long time for me to come to a decision to put my family in a position of sacrifice. However nursing is an Art and a Craft that I can really put my heart into. The investment in the grand scheme of things is minimal compared to the rewards of doing something I believe makes me a more whole individual, making a difference in people's lives, not only for the infirm but for the family as well. Furthermore my kids get a dad happy and being true to his nature; challenging himself, I am always going to owe money to someone or some company or school it's just that I want my schooling and I want it as soon as I can get it. Some things take a while to learn. I'll change gears now.
    I interveiwed schools, talking to instructors, talking to students (some half my ageJ), interviewing employers (you can do that you know, ask a the job of your dreams what institutions they hire from) and I found that I'd receive two Gov. grants 2500 each and the HRDC, through proper application process and meeting a criteria found on their website (if you need more info message me) they'd fund me. I was in school inside three months. 23,000 bucks overall. I owe around 10g's. The kid out of high school waited two years for Douglas and due to the system was bumped and recycled, or however they coin it, back on the waiting list for him. For me, I'm done in one year (heavy workload) at work ASAP because believe me I am going bring my best attitude and every piece of paper and book given to me was read studied cross referenced debated and practice at school will be employed when I set foot on the floor with my preceptor. I want the job. My debt paid in another two years just as the other fella is inching out of Douglas College, with debt.
    For me at my age and family circumstance and an informed perspective I made a choice for private schooling and I will stand by my decision because it made sense for me. My main instructor was an RN for 35 years has a wonderful disposition and demands we are on top of our game. She smiles when she walks in the room every day. She can teach me more about nursing than any text book; this vocation is dynamic and constantly evolving. Do you want to learn? Find a school talk with the instructor find out their qualifications and accolades, get into the dirty areas with questions, how am I protected if I miss class? Are there tutors? What is there position on conflict with instructors? Who will advocate for me? Why are students complaining? What are students complaining about? Can I speak with the students? Can I sit in on a class or two? What happens if an instructor leaves in the middle of a semester? - I believe I heard at Douglas they cancel the semester - wow. I am going to break close to even with the public school dollar value. Is the quality of Sprott Shaw curriculum comparable? Sprott is PCTIA recognised and been around a very long time. Some things need tweaking and there has been a hiccup or two with instructors and vacations just before finals... whatever, just give me the curriculum, give me a team of students who want to overcome and adapt and help me when I am missing a study guide and I'll show you a group of defined hardworking passionate individuals who care about each other the profession and want the job and eager to prove it. How many times in your life do you get the opportunity to reach for something you want to only have hang there insight for two or three years on a waiting list. Take a good look at what you're able to do financially and responsibly. These are critical financial time. Nursing is so much more than texts and procedures. I didn't for one moment believe I would be out there picking daisies, that's in the florist's class, I'm in the blood and guts fighting brains and books. The instructors are the least of my worries. The Baby boomers just started retiring and by 2031 25% of Canadians will be retired with the largest multicultural scope Canada has ever seen. There is going to be a very different looking horizon coming up. There will be work, we may need to be entrepreneurial but hey when haven't Canadians overcome? Ask yourself whether what you are currently doing (how your are choosing) is bringing you nearer to, or further away from you goal?
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    I am wanting to enroll in an LPN program, but the only one in Kamloops is at Sprott Shaw. Anyone have an experience there good or bad? Any other LPN programs near Kamloops? Although because I have shared custody of my kids I'm not sure I can relocate to another city.
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    Brandon, I didn't read after the first three lines. Put it in paragraph form so it's not a blur of words.

    Trust me, charting that appears like this is going to win you no friends.