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Hi Everyone! I'm starting this topic for those who are applying to 2nd-entry programs, to start in 2014. A bit about myself: I'll be applying to University of Ottawa and University of Toronto. Graduated with a Social... Read More

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    Quote from Lucia1225
    Hello Lynn
    Is the Athabasca U 's BIOL 235 course most rely on wiley plus material? today is the first day to take this online course. I ve never taken an online course before, I am very exciting as well as a little confused.
    Did you get into the Ottawa u program of 2nd entry ? what is the GPA they required?
    thank you~

    I didn't get in. I didn't have the pre-reqs done until this summer.

    As for the GPA required, I believe it's a B overall.. But all that information is available on the website.