Second-Entry Nursing Programs - 2014 Hopeful - page 72

by ShayLynn27

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Hi Everyone! I'm starting this topic for those who are applying to 2nd-entry programs, to start in 2014. A bit about myself: I'll be applying to University of Ottawa and University of Toronto. Graduated with a Social... Read More

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    Hi ilovenursing2013 - I'm looking at applying to the program at UofC and I'm worried I might have to do the Athabasca course if they don't except my alternate physiology courses taken throughout my degree (I completed Anatomy). Do you know if you have to have the course done by the September 1st cut off for the January entry, or does it just need to be done prior to the start of courses?
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    Has anyone from the first group waitlist for UofT heard back? In the last email they sent me they mentioned they would send an update at the end of July about the waitlist but I haven't heard back yet.
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    I'm on the waitlist too. Not sure what group though. They had told me that at any point we could hear from them, as spots open up, until September 5th.
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    I had been waitlisted as well. Has anyone had a chance to speak with someone from Nursing admissions office?