Second Entry Nursing in Ontario fall 2013

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    Hey everyone,

    I have applied for the fall 2013 nursing programs of my choice, and the wait has begun. I was hoping to start a thread where we can share our application process, when we get accepted, etc.

    I applied to Humber's second entry program, as well as the 4 year (as a backup) and George Brown's 4 year RN program. REALLY putting all my eggs in the Humber basket.

    I graduated from the university of Guelph in spring 2011 with a BA in psychology. My avg for the last 2 years was an 81%.

    Anyone else care to share?

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    Hey there,
    I got admitted to second entry nursing at yorku. Im still kinda surprised i mean i applied on Jan.29 and got back an offer of admission on feb 6th. Happy about it. I guess im going for nursing in sept did u apply to york?
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    I was accepted to humber today for the second entry program! so glad!
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    Moved to the Canada Nursing Programs forum.
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    I applied to U of T, Trent, Queens, Western and McMaster for the 2nd entry program. I'm in my 4th year at the University of Guelph and I really hope I get in somewhere...I'm starting to think I should have applied to colleges too...
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    I am in 4th year at Laurier, applied to Western, UFT, and UAlberta. I really wish I had known about these accelerated programs earlier, finding out in January then realizing half of the applications were closed really sucked. My GPA is somewhere around 80% for last two years. It's really hard to wait all the way until March/April for these applications!
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    My average is around an 80% too. Keep me updated with any acceptances and I'll do the same! I'm sure we'll both get in somewhere
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    Quote from nurse emmy
    I was accepted to humber today for the second entry program! so glad!
    Congratulations nurse emmy! Welcome to Humber I'm in first year of the full four year program so we're on slightly different paths but if you have any questions, let me know.
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    hi everyone...i am internationally educated...applied for second entry nursing at humber...i am going to give admission test for practical nursing at humber...but second entry is my first GPA IS 3.4 SOOOO ANYONE CAN TELL ABOUT CHANCES..i am soo nervous...
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    I got accepted to Trent for compressed nursing on Friday!

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