Need help for pre-admission requirements for Practical Nursing at mohawk?

  1. I'm looking to apply for jan 2014 but I only have 1 senior science, my 2 english and grade 11 everyday math. I'm 23 and I just can't go back to school! I also have 2 children so doing a bunch of pre-admission work would be do-able but also hard (when I would actually be going to school in Jan my home life will be a lot easier so it's just at the moment!) I'm pretty knowledgeable in science and english but math is a bit of a struggle. Can I just write the HOAE without the highschool course upgrade? My english marks are good, my grade 11 bio is decent(could be better) and I have an "equivalent" for the grade 11 math. This is confusing and I've emailed the course leader but she hasn't responded to my recent email and it seems like I'm bothering her with my questions...Any help would be great!
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  4. by   vintage_RN
    You will need the high school marks or equivalents to get into the program. Mohawk offers free high school level courses to upgrade. An alternative is taking the Pre Health program which is a year long but gets you the courses to be eligible to apply for practical nursing and BscN. I know that's probably not an option but still a suggestion.
  5. by   brits
    If you don't have the time to upgrade high school courses you probably will have even less time to complete a nursing program, I hear its very material heavy
  6. by   PNSEMESTER3
    Material is very heavy at Mohawk. I am entering semester 3 this term. Brits is right, if you don't have the time to upgrade for your high school credits then how are you going to make it through 6-7 heavy courses with 10-15 hours of home work on top AND a 12 hour clinical? Now don't get down! You can do this! Baby steps. You need one more senior science..chem, bio,phys, doesn't matter. Your marks need to be competitive, at least an 80 average to compete (when I applied in September 2012 we needed an 87 minimum) Anything lower and you will be on the wait list right up until the day before classes start. I have three children and I make it work, it's rough, but workable.
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    Hey, PNSEMESTER3...who are you? I'm entering semester 3 at Mohawk too...maybe i know you lol
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    Consider taking a look at distance learning. I upgraded some high school courses through the Independent Learning Centre: Independent Learning | Distance Education | The courses are cheap and you can do them at your own pace, I did them while my kids were asleep at night. You can get the competitive marks that you need and then apply.

    As another poster said, take baby steps and you'll get there.