Mohawk College & Fanshawe College: Will I get in??

  1. Hello everyone!
    I am so nervous about my chances to get into Mohawk or Fanshawe College. I ,of course, am applying to other colleges but these are my top two options.
    My grades are as follows:

    English 88%
    Math 85%
    Biology 92%
    Chemistry 78% (for some reason this teacher had it out for me no matter how hard I tried. Others in the class agreed and many dropped out)

    I did English in high school in 2014 and biology, math and chemistry this past semester with my school board after I failed to meet expectations with pre-health programs at Humber and Mohawk previously. I am nervous that this will also affect my admission chances.

    Anyone who has been accepted in the past couple years or anyone with insight, HELP and thank you so much in advance!!
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  3. by   FutureNurseInfo
    Most of your grades look good. However, your chem grade may not be able to cut it. Then again, it all depends on the school/s you apply. I guess 78% is a C/C+, which may still be an ok grade. Your best course of action is to thoroughly research on the school's admission process: reqs, GPA minimums, exams etc.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
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  5. by   Khow89
    Looks pretty good. I don't go to those schools but you seem to be in a decent spot. I understand that everyone has their preferred school but don't torture yourself by stressing whether you will get in or not. Continue to do well in your courses and just enjoy the rest of your semester.
  6. by   Mintfleur
    Assuming OP is from Ontario, a 78% is a B+. Saying this as a student.

    OP you have awesome grades and i'd say you have a strong chance of being accepted at either.
  7. by   antoe
    Mohawk considers applicants with a Highschool average of 86-89 and higher...your very close to that...if you do very well on the HOAE that will help your chances for sure...they use 50% of you HS grade and 50% of the HOAE....fingers crossed
  8. by   antoe
    any word Mohawk released offers