Kwantlen Sept 2016 Post-Bacc Admission - page 6

Hey Everyone! I applied to the September 2016 intake for the post-bacc program at Kwantlen. So far all I know is that they have "received" my application. Does anyone know if the ministry... Read More

  1. by   nico2016
    Maybe you will get offered a seat in all 3 which one would you accept if you get more than one offer?
  2. by   bcastle
    Yeah it sucks because the anatomy and physiology can't be older than three years. Honestly I have been hearing more and more bad things about the KPU PB program and this application process has been awful for me. They should have told me to retake anatomy and physiology in September if I was going to be considered after every one else. I would definitely pick UBC if they gave me an offer, it would be a dream to go there.
  3. by   abbifowler
    I got an email today saying that my offer letter was in the mail
  4. by   nico2016
    Wow are you going to accept ?
  5. by   Aliyasaurus
    Hey guys! I just got offered admission to the post-bacc at Kwantlen too.

    Have any of you received your letter?
  6. by   nico2016
    I haven't received anything because I haven't completed all my requirements yet. I will be finished on April 24th but likely it won't transfer over until may. I hope I can get in! If not I will apply next year congrats to you ! I hope to see you in September !
  7. by   Aliyasaurus
    I hope you can get in too! fingers crossed!
  8. by   etceteraa23
    i have also received my letter of acceptance in the mail! i was quite surprised as to how early they were sent out. anyway, good luck to all prospective students!
  9. by   Aliyasaurus
    I got mine yesterday as well maybe we can create a Facebook page like the previous group did
  10. by   nico2016
    That sounds good ! Well
    if I get in I'll join the group lol! Fingers crossed
  11. by   etceteraa23
    look for KPU PB Nursing Class 2019 on fb
    @nico2016 all the best!
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  12. by   nico2016
    Cannot find your Facebook group would
    Love to join! What exactly should
    I type on Facebook.
    Or can you invite me? Emily paquet
  13. by   abbifowler
    its been changed on Facebook to KPU BSN Advanced Entry Class of 2019