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Hello all, I would appreciate some input and experience about which one is a better school to do the RPN bridging to RN in Toronto. The two choices are Centennial (9253) or George Brown (S122). I... Read More

  1. by   ggopaso
    I see on stuview that two electives I took during RPN program are elegible as exceptions. One is children's literature and the other one is creative writing. I was surprised to see they would recognize them. However, I will see if in fact they do.
  2. by   HeatherLems
    I'm also going to GBC this fall! See you two there
  3. by   ggopaso
    Nice!! There is an orientation day I believe is 29 August. See you there !!
  4. by   Sun-shining
    Hi ggopasso, did you find out if the electives that you took in the RPN program were excempted?
  5. by   ggopaso
    I have sent emails and no response. I know you can't use the online app if you are in any nursing program for course exceptions. It looks like I'm not gonna get them exemtped. I'll make a last try and will go to see a lady who deals with that at Waterfront Campus. If not, I'm wondering if I'm allowed to take the two electives in the summer 2018 to have a better work load. I heard people taking them ahead of time but not sure if possible after the program's finished is April 2018
  6. by   Sun-shining
    What do you mean by the online app?

    I got English and a "General Education Elective" exempted automatically (I did not even have to apply for it for Pre-Health). I got a letter in the mail, it said it was granted by "MacPherson" which I later found out, this is the office where they approve course excemptions.. I belive it's at the the Casa Loma campus.

    I noticed for the bridging program with Trent (s122) that the electives are called "University Electives". I started looking to see if I could find the list of elective choices but I can't find it anywhere on the GBC site. I wonder if by "University Electives" it means that these are actually Trent courses, not GBC courses?

    I'm kind of in the same boat, as I will have from this September to January off, and I'd really like to enroll in somthing during this semester. I think I will try to contact Trent to see if they can shed some light on this.

    Also, just curious if you don't mind me asking. In GBC's RPN program, were you ever given the option to work through the summer semester? I have been asking around and I keep getting different answers on this.
  7. by   ggopaso
    I did my RPN at a different school (not GBC) so the exemptions work differently that if you come straight from GBC. The two general university electives (the options to pick) showed automatically on the registration website. I chose the section for the bridging program and after clicking to confirm, another window opened with the electives. Though it says "university electives" I'm taking it while during the bridging ( at college level). Pretty sure they are offered by GBC.
    Regarding my exemptions, I tried to did them effective by using an online application but it got rejected and was told by email I need to apply using a different method, so they sent me a lady's contacto to start working on it. I submitted everything and still waiting. In my case, I didn't get them complete approved: it said possible transfers. It's all confusing with this school. Not to mention Osap; I'm still waiting a progress in my app.