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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that BCIT is the most recognized... Read More

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    Thanks for your quick reply.
    I have done that, which means I am till waitlisted and well as being in Aug.

    However, Aug application has not opened for me yet.
    I was wondering why we are still on the wait list? Still we have a chance to offer a seat?

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    Oh you're very welcome mass 59. That's good that you're still on the wailist and are also recompeting for the August intake. I haven't recieved anything in regards to the August intake either, perhaps we will get something once they're done with the waitlisting? I'm not too sure, but I'm sure we'll get something, don't worry. And I'm assuming we still may have a chance, but since the class started today I'm not so sure anymore.
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    Lets hope for the best!
    @blumaBfiefs what are you doing to update your resume?
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    I still had slight hope last week that I'd get a call cause some people do drop out last second but now that the program started today I highly doubt there is any chance left. I'm more set on the August intake anyway cause there is a hefty amount of pre-reading & preparation to be done the month before.

    They havent closed the waitlist cause it was still valid up until now. I'm think they'll close it this week and then our status should change to the Aug intake.
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    @mass59: I Wish us all the best for this intake! Lets stay positive When I had submitted my resume I wrote things about myself, my education, work/volunteer experience, certificates, hobbies & interests, specially made for BCIT nursing only. I had also listed that I'd been working for PLEA community services as well. Basically I wrote everything down that really highlighted who I was, what my strengths & key qualities are, etc. Have you submitted your resume yet? or..? I mean we still have time until the end of this month

    @ careubc: That sounds about right! I'm sure we'll be hearing some goods news hopefully for this intake. Have you called the nursing department by any chance to see how you could possibly become more competitive? I'm also kind of glad that I did not get accepted for the January intake because now I'm taking the 6 credit Human anatomy & physiology course online and it's really going to benefit me when I am in the program. I have to complete the course before August though because we have until November this year to complete it!
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    I have done 4 electives when I applied for Jan 2013, right now I am taking the rest of them
    hopefully I will get them all done
    and I started volunteering again in order to update my resume
    best of luck to everyone !!!)
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    Have any 2nd time applicant's status changed to the August intake yet?
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    Not sure what you're trying to ask, but if you're asking whether or not waitlisted statuses have changed for guaranteed August intake spots--it will not change til March/April from what my email said when I decided to defer.
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    Thanks vana, but I was asking for those that didn't get into the January intake and are reapplying for August... Has anyone's mybcit account status been updated yet to an august intake applicant? I guess I just thought they would have updated our account from 'waitlisted for Jan' to 'applicant for Aug' by now as it's a week and a half in.
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    Mine still says wait listed for January, no August application yet

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