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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that BCIT is the most recognized... Read More

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    Hi all,I currently have quite a bit of transferable skills, about 100 post secondary credits including the 3 English and 6 Psych classes a healthcare certificate that includes a 5 month rotation in a hospital, volunteer experience, with transferable skills from my current job. The only problem is that my GPA suffered because of my first year and I stand currently at a 62%. What are the chances of getting in to the nursing program if I have any? anyone every been able to get in with that GPA?

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    Hi kabachi! I was just accepted, and I had some pretty terrible marks in my first year of university, including a couple of fails (stupid calculus). I think that these kinds of things, when put into the context of your marks increasing as you progress through school, are totally okay. My gpa isn't all that much higher than yours, and your experiences outside of school sound awesome! Hope that helps.
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    Hey ladies! Just wanted to update you about what the nursing department said to strengthen application. They said take 7001 and/or 7002 and a human anatomy class! Hope this helps! Good luck!
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    They also said if your on the holdlist you can reapply for August and will still remain on the holdlist till January!
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    Hey kabachi, my grades suffered just as bad too but as long as you have shown significant improvement later on you should be fine. They may ask you to show how well you can do so if you are taking classes now do really well and you still have a chance!
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    Quote from Nursinghopeful1234
    They also said if your on the holdlist you can reapply for August and will still remain on the holdlist till January!
    I'll be so happy if that is the case! I'm just confused cause two days ago they said it was one or the other - you forfeit your spot on the holdlist once you reapply.... ????
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    I don't think the system will let you reapply when you are on the waitlist/holdlist
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    I think u just have to email them n let them know u wanna to reapply for August but u will still be on the wait list for January that's what the advisor told me!
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    Anyone on the wait list heard anything?? I still haven't
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    Me neither.

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