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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that BCIT is the most recognized... Read More

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    Wow, that's amazing, good for you! Those are quite some remarkable achievements you have obtained so far, carelesswhisper. Thank you so much for sharing. I think by next week or possibly by the end of this week applicants may be notified from the nursing department. The waiting was and IS crucial but I believe we're all getting excited and nervous at the same time. Good luck to everyone on here.

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    I was hoping to have heard by this week if we would be short listed or not.. If no one else has been short listed I suppose that's a 'good' sign if it's even a sign..
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    Ya, Smiley said that they won't be shortlisting for about 3 weeks - that was 2 weeks and 5 days ago... so this Monday is when they expected to shortlist around. Ya, I know, I'm a little obsessed with counting down the days for everything expected! We're so close
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    That's right, hang in there guys. Only 4 more days to go hopefully. Gosh, my bones are half to dust already just waiting...I swear more than one tumbleweed has passed me. I check my bcit email at least 10 times a day, but I'm not that crazy ( I hope lol). I try to keep myself busy so in that way time passes by fast and before you know it, we'll hear some news!

    By the way, this is kind of embarassing but does anybody know what a letter of intent is?
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    Does anyone else thing the whole making us wait is a bit unfair? It's almost mid October. From what I hear, other schools advised their students months ago so they have time to make plans with work, family, finances, etc. It takes a lot of work so these are things that I don't want to prep until I know I've gotten in. My two cents.
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    I think it is unfair, apple13. I mean, they aren't give students a suitable amount of time for preparation. We have a lot to get done in such little time! I just wish they'd be more accurate in their timing and be a lot quicker too. I mean I understand that they have other priorities and work to attend to but come on...this is ridiculous! We've been waiting forever. But don't worry, the wait is almooost over. I'm so sure we will hear something by next week! If not, I will definitely give them a call. In the meantime, let's say a prayer and hope we get shortlisted
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    I have soo much homework and studying for this weekend.. How am I going to do any of it with the middle of October looming and NO word from BCIT. I am remaning positive, however, I am getting a tad impatient.

    I know it will come next week.. Its got to, or I will be calling someone as well..
    PLEASE anyone who gets word post it ASAP!! Maybe someone will want to spread some good news over the weekend instead of waiting for Monday...
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    Hey guys. I totally feel ya! I remember thinking I was going to go nuts waiting to find out if I got in. It is such a long a wait for Jan intake but it's not just because the people at the top are super busy with 6 levels of students to organize, place in clinical etc, but because the people who make the decisions around there are very thorough. It's not like there is 10 or even 5 people going through each of your applications, so it takes time. Think about how hard you worked to make sure your application was perfect? All the credentials that you have worked hard for.....you probably want that acknowledged right? The process of getting the application through BCIT admissions and to the Nursing department is something that is being evaluated. Everyone will find out, one way or another, soon. Your applications are being evaluated and the people evaluating them are doing pretty much only that. I think they have over 300 to go though after the initial cut from BCIT admissions...so that's alot. They will also shortlist in batches, so a group at a time, and everyone over a couple of weeks I believe. So if you don't hear as soon as someone else does, don't worry you will. The only things that kept me sane were this forum, and knowing that if I didn't hear "today" maybe that was because they were taking the time to be sure they picked the right group.
    Bulma briefs- a letter of intent is basically a letter stating why you feel you should be accepted over everyone else. Aside from your academic credentials, why will you succeed in BCIT's program...as I'm sure you know, it's different from a typically University program.
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    Hello Smiley65, wow thank you for writing such a response! I now feel more positive about this whole application process.
    So, now we're going to be hearing in another couple of weeks?! Dear god, I think I'll turn into a skeleton while sitting here waiting to here back...I'll look like this...
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    If we don't get shortlisted, will they send us a letter or something to let us know? Or is it forever waiting, hoping that you'll be the next batch to hear the good news?

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