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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that... Read More

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    I've been informed it will most likely happen after orientation which is mid-dec. I talked to a girl in the jan 2012 intake and she had two friends get calls mid-dec. she couldn't recall if they had been on top of the hold list or not. But still, mid-dec seems most likely... So the wait continues!
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    That's crazy! It would be nice if they gave as much time as possible! They should know the numbers shortly, i would think! I'm planning to take liberal arts 7001 and 7002 in January if I do not get a seat anyone else planning to?
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    oh that is something I didn't think about... i was going to finish my psych degree at UBC.. I have 9 courses left come Jan.. But if I took the rest of the nursing elective courses (those two libs courses *can you take HMGT outside of the program?) then I would have a completely free summer come the august intake... I cannot believe I never thought of that!
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    I don't think so.. The health management is the only one you take once your accepted!
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    Hey guys,

    I have been following along silently for most of this. I will let you know that I was waitlisted for last August 2012, and never made it in. Between that intake and this one, I took the LIBS 7002 in the winter semester. This semester I am taking the LIBS 7001, plus an additional 6 credits of liberal studies. That was enough to make the difference between me being waitlisted and accepted. Obviously the courses from this semester don't count towards the credits on your application. I was curious if they would consider the courses at all, and when I inquired they said they did take the courses from this semester into consideration.

    As for Health Management, it depends who you ask. I didn't take it because I was told that you had to be in the program. However, I know of people that have taken it without being in the program. I hope this helps some. Good luck!

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    Thanks for sharing Pemby. Mind if I ask how many credits you had when you were accepted?
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    Did you hear/know of anyone on the waitlist who did get in? Congrats on getting in for January!
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    Hey all - I've stayed fairly quiet, but here's my account: I was waitlisted for the August 2012 intake and it was my first time applying. I found out at the end of April and was given a non-offer in mid July and had four days to re-apply for January 2013 intake (keep in mind, I waited eight months to hear that). You are not allowed to re-apply to a program when you are waitlisted, but they WILL advise you of your non-offer a few days in advance, so you can get your application in on time. Have everything prepared ahead of time, so all you have to do is send it in. I re-applied for January with all the materials I applied with for in August (application form, transcripts, resume, application fee, etc). I was then called in mid August, four days before the August 2012 intake was starting and offered a seat, as someone dropped out last minute. They let me defer to January 2013 for a number of reasons but it is NOT guaranteed for everyone. If you are on the waitlist and have not been given acceptance for a later intake (this is also rare they do this - their website/department says they do NOT carry a waitlist to future intakes - so congrats to those who got that!) just have everything prepared and try not to stress over the wait. After months of waiting and the agony and anxiety, once I was waitlisted, I honestly somewhat accepted I probably wasn't going to get in for August and instead I just got my application together and registered in the LIBS courses and kept busy with friends and work and did NOT check these forums, as it was just making me feel terrible and confused. In all honesty, enjoy these last few months of freedom before you get in. Forums are a good place to vent frustrations but they are also filled with anxiety-ridden statements and comparisons and often misleading information. Calling the school everyday with every question imaginable also just slows the process down for everyone - have faith in the system and read the information provided to you, 99% of it is there. If it's important to you, don't give up! But don't let the process eat you alive, it is like this with most schools and application processes and it's worth it in the end.
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    Wow Nurse goog that is a long process you went through! Congrats on getting in! That is wonderful for you to share your story with us. I appreciate all the information .

    I like reading up on the forum though, it gives me a sense of community. I can share my feelings and know they are being felt else where. It's comforting . I can only talk to my boyfriend about the process so much :P.

    PS: Someone got a call this week!! I have terribly huge butterflies because now for this intake it seems more real that the call will come and that I am one person closer to getting that call!! Ah! I can hardly contain myself!
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