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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that... Read More

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    To "dog_prints",

    Wow!!! $3300 is a lot of money! I was thinking about the tuition fee too before I applied to the BCIT nursing program. For me, I ask my parents to lend me some money and return those money later on when I have received my student loan. Or, pay the tuition fee through creditcard, but do this at your own risk since you have to pay them back within 1 month. ...so the best choice for you is to ask your parents or your friends for help. Good luck!!!
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    I spoke with financial aid when I was accepted and as long as I had applied for a student loan (through studentaid bc), they said it would be granted. Speak to admissions and let them know your situation, that you will pay it as soon as you can, then talk to financial aid. They also have emergency funding if you ever get in a bind and need to borrow extra.
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    sugardust and smiley65: I spoke with financial aid and managed to get a hold of the admissions officer today, so it seems to be sorted out. At least for the time being, I know what I need to do. Thank you for your suggestions!
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    I am only on the holdlist Does anyone know how many people are on the holdlist?
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    When did you find out memgumi?? I don't know how many would be on it, sorry.
    At least you still have a chance!
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    I just got the email... Like half a hour ago
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    I am in the exact same situation! I just talked to the financial aid office, and they told me the same thing smily65 said (she is always right!). As long as you can provide your student loan application number on the fee deferral application, it should be approved. She also told me to get in contact with my admissions officer and explain that because I will be sending in my fee deferral application tonight/tomorrow, it won't be approved in time for the tuition deadline. She assured me that as long as we kept in contact with our admissions officer and paid the committment fee, our seat would not be given away! Hope this helps- it certainly calmed me down!

    Fingers crossed for everybody!!!
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    I was JUST put on the hold list...
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    I'm on the hold list 2...
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    I'm on the hold list too. I wonder when we will find out what our status is? My guess is tomorrow when they determine who has accepted their offer and who has not. I'm also curious to know how many people are put on the hold list.
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    I'm on the hold list too
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    I really want to know how many are on it as well... and if the people at the beginning of the holdlist are guaranteed a spot for the next intake like I was reading on other forums. Either they aren't doing that this intake... or we are not among the first few on the holdlist....?
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    Hey guys I'm on the hold list as well but I am also guaranteed a spot to the August intake- Thank God!!!! Now my option is to wait and see if I get a call or defer to August.