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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that... Read More

  1. by   BulmaBriefs
    Don't be sad simburger. There are ways to make up for the orientation, for instance If you and I both get accepted, I can fill you in on what we went through and give you any hand outs that we got. It's always good to have contacts, so don't worry and cheer up
  2. by   ty_bot
    Oh my, I've been short-listed.

    Now I'm curious, does anyone have any idea as to what will get them one of the 96 seats? From the way I've read it, it would seem that up to now has been purely credits and elective courses completion based. Is now when life experience/GPA/work experience are taken into consideration?

    Congratulations to those short-listed, and I really am sorry to those not.

  3. by   iheartpurple
    ty_bot, I have been thinking the same thing. The info sent to us today seems to tell us that it is everything we have submitted in our files... So our resume and our post-secondary transcript grades... However, I wonder how they are going to evaluate the references. Why wouldn't everyones references just circle 5 on all categories? I would expect everyone is going to find references who want them to get into the program?... I haven't ever had to submit references in this form so I am unsure as to how it works.
  4. by   jjon
    Hi everyone!

    First of all, congratulations to all the people who were shortlisted!! And good luck with your interviews.

    My question is, for the most part (for those shortlisted) did you have a degree? Or at least 60 credits?

    I'm asking because I thought I had a well-rounded application, and would get shortlisted (the only issue is I had 55 credits)..

    And I am accepted into Kwantlen for Nursing..but can't decide whether to apply at UBC, reapply at BCIT, or just go to Kwantlen.

    Decisions decisions! Suggestions? Have you heard anything about the program at Kwantlen?
  5. by   Chhun3
    Hey jjon,

    I didn’t get shortlisted as well. We seem to be in the same boat, 55 credits, a well rounded application, and some what disheartened but not discouraged. As you can see, I created this thread and have been heavily creeping on it for a year. It seems like those who have been shortlisted have at least 60 credits, I believe 66 or 64 is the lowest for the ones who have responded to this thread.

    My friend got shortlisted and he had a degree (120 credits). He works at a clinic and he has a lot of life experience. His resume is quite outstanding and makes mine look adolescent. However, he hasn’t completed first year psychology or the liberal electives. It seems as if the nursing panel heavily favours credits over work experience/volunteer etc. BCIT does clarify that the ideal applicant is one who demonstrates consistency within the following categories as mentioned. However, according to the information I have retained through this thread, credits seem to be the most attractive part of your application, which seems imperative.

    I go to Kwantlen too! I don’t know much about Kwantlen’s nursing program, so I will not comment. At first I thought BCIT had the best nursing program in BC, but now I know it doesn’t matter where you go, just as long as you get to your destination. From what I have been told, BCIT prepares you well for real life work and it seems that BCIT nursing students are well equipped for their future careers. That is not to say that Kwantlen or any other institution won’t provide you with the theoretical and practical experience of being a GREAT nurse – GREATness is entirely up to you. But what I do know is that after your first year of post graduation; it doesn’t matter where you graduated, everyone should relatively be at the same level of competency.

    Good luck with your future endeavors and with the nursing program you decided to attend.
  6. by   Chhun3

    I believe I owe you a thank you for all the “beast” responses. I think everyone who as used this forum should definitely owe you a big THANK YOU for all your countless feedback and advice. You’re quite the advocate for the program and it seems like you found your greatness, not just within nursing, but within yourself. I will definitely see you at BCIT when my time comes. And once again, a very humbling thank you.
  7. by   careubc
    I was shortlisted. For those asking, I had about 70 credits when I applied. I have more now.
    I was talking to a couple people in the program who didn't have a degree when they were accepted nor did they have an incredible amount of volunteer hours. They had life experience though. I do believe they weigh in everything. I think that they may be very selective of those under 60 credits though. I've heard that number come up quite a bit as a credit minimum.
  8. by   itsjmh
    Can one of you tell me when the orientation is? I was offered a last minute seat for August 2012 and deferred to January 2013. I am assuming I'll get information about it but would rather just know now.
  9. by   BulmaBriefs
    Goodmorning everybody,

    So I called the nursing department today and they just said we need to submit references, no letter of intents or essays.

    For those who haven't been shortlisted and are wondering what made me got shortislited is that I applied with 51 credits and I am in the process of completing 3 courses, so I will officially have 60 credits by the end of November. I believe what got me this far, is that I completed all of the nursing pre-requisites: ENG 1177, PSYCH 1101/1102, LIBS 7001/7002, LIBS 7008/7009, HMGT 7180, and I did a first year Anatomy and Physiology course. I have also been in the process of completing my MOA certificate at BCIT as well.

    Goodluck to you all and don't ever give up! I Wish you all the very best!

    itsjmh: An orientation is basically a session that we attent to, where they provide you with information in regards to the nursing program and everything that is exceptionally relevant to know that may not be posted online but can only be found out on that evening.
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  10. by   memegumi
    @ itsjmh ... The orientation is on December 13 (Thursday)
  11. by   iheartpurple
    I have be shortlisted and I had 78 credits by the end of the summer, including the courses I am taking now and will finish by December, I will have 93 credits. I also have 3/4's of a psychology degree. I have read they like psychology and sociology. I do not have crazy volunteer hours, however, I have volunteered in a few different places/genres in the medical field. I am worried about this stage because exactly that.. I DON'T have crazy volunteer hours.. I am hoping that they can see I am well-rounded based on the experiences I have had.

    Any comments on their thought process for the references? I am (nail-biting) about how to attack this part.
  12. by   BulmaBriefs
    Hey iheart,

    I would suggest calling up the places you've volunteered at and to ask them for references and inform them when the deadline is. Also, you want to tell them that they have to fill out a form. Explain to them how important this is to you and how badly you want it
  13. by   iheartpurple
    Bulma I think I have some references in mind! Are we allowed to submit a letter from our reference?
    The email doesn't explicitly say "Do not submit an extra letter"....
    what are thoughts?