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Hello future nurses, I am so excited to be starting nursing at BCIT in August! For future applicants: To have a strong application make sure you have work experience, volunteer experience (preferrably healthcare), as well... Read More

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    I have already applied online but was wondering if I had to hand in my resume first before application deadline or can I hand it altogether with my official transcripts.
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    i believe it can be handed in with everything else! Have you read through the January 2013 thread?
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    You have to hand everything in by January 31st.
    I have a question - Should I get my liberal studies classes assessed for transfer before I even get into the program? Or will they see on my transcript that I have two that qualify?
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    Ok thank you both !! That was what I was confused about.. Yes I read through the jan one but just didn't know when the deadline was since some ppl handed their documents in way earlier than the deadline. Thank you!
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    I just thought that I had to hand in my high school trans and resume by the end of this week and I haven't ordered a sealed transcript yet.
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    You dont have to hand in your resume by the end of the week, the document deadline is January 31st.
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    Applications for the August intake will be accepted from:

    October 1 of the previous year until December 15*
    The application deadline is December 15. No applications can be accepted after this date. The deadline for completion of all academic prerequisites and submission of all documentation is January 31*

    Note: Applications are considered for a specific intake. This program does not carry a wait list into the next intake.

    *Or next business day
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    The document deadline is actually January 31st. I was told via e-mail when I was inquiring for you all . Good luck everyone!
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    Did you guys check the new outline for 2014 intake? They don't need to take those electives except for the two libs courses!!! So nice!!!