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Hello future nurses, I am so excited to be starting nursing at BCIT in August! For future applicants: To have a strong application make sure you have work experience, volunteer experience... Read More

  1. by   memegumi
    For those of you who got placed on the top of the hold list, did you guys reply them and tell them you would like to remain on the hold list and get into the August intake? Thanks.
  2. by   memegumi
    BulmaBriefs, thanks for the contact numbers. I got a hold of one of them and got my problem solved. Thanks.
  3. by   vana_
    Hi memegumi, if you were on top of the hold list "application withdrawal" is for the January intake meaning you're in for August even if you did not defer because in was a guaranteed seat for August. I was on top of the hold list and told them that I'd just start in August and that's what my status says. Also the lady from the nursing department said that we will receive our official acceptance letters in March, as well as information for the orientation etc.
  4. by   Chhun3
    I handed in all documentation today. I applied for the last intake and didn't make the 1st cut. I thought I would definitely get shortlisted.

    This time around I applied with 64 credits (GPA 3.68). I worked 6 years at London Drugs and have many volunteering hours. Some of the organizations I have been associated with are Coast Mental Health, The BC Cancer Society, Working Gear Clothing and a bunch of weekend cancer events.

    I completed the following:

    Anatomy and Physiology I, II
    English 1177
    Psychology 1st and 2nd year
    Libs 7001, 7002

    Good luck everyone!
  5. by   vana_
    Just got my Provisional Acceptance for August!!! It's very real now! and my commitment fees are due February 12th. So for those that were guaranteed a spot check your BCIT mail!!!
  6. by   memegumi
    Thanks for the information and clarification vana_, I got my provisional acceptance as well!! YEAH
  7. by   Progressor
    I just paid my commitment fee! Does anyone know how long of a break you get during the program around Christmas time?
  8. by   lego.house
    That's awesome you guys, congratulations! I know it's a long shot, but does anyone know if one portion of the application is weighted more than another, like credits more than volunteer hours, or if it's pretty even?
  9. by   ace12345
    I don't know for sure..but I'd say pretty evenly!
  10. by   lego.house
    Thanks! Those of you that have now been accepted, how many times did you apply to the program?
  11. by   vana_
    I applied 2 times in total.

    First time was for Aug 2012 intake, didn't even get shortlisted instead got a "non-accept".

    Second time was for this January intake, got shortlisted and then was on top of the holdlist which gave me a seat for sure for this August 2013 intake.

    I have a BSc in Psychology from UBCO and my volunteer was from high school as a Candy Striper, also my over GPA was not the greatest but showed great improvement in my last 2 years.--This was what I had the first time applying as well as the second time, but after applying the second time I took the LIBS 7001 & 7002 courses.

    So for any of you that don't think your grades will cut it, BCIT really just looks for people that show they are passionate about the program so make sure you show it by improving your grades the next time around and completing the necessary electives.

    Goodluck to those who are waiting!!
  12. by   lego.house
    Thats really good to hear! My grades have definitely shown improvement, and I have all of the recommend courses, except one, from UBCO as well. I also have A&P.

    Congrats again though! Glad you stuck with it.
  13. by   vana_
    I'm hoping that all the sociology, eng and psych course in my degree transfer!-- it would make my summers actual summers so I won't need to take the electives at all. I have all the recommended courses I'll need to take that Health Management though.