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Hello future nurses, I am so excited to be starting nursing at BCIT in August! For future applicants: To have a strong application make sure you have work experience, volunteer experience... Read More

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    @memegumi - For the January 2014 intake and onwards first year Psychology, English and Anatomy and Physiology are part of the academic requirements to get into the program. So instead of completing them in the program they have to be done before.

    The only course that those accepted in 2014 don't have to take is HLED 7120 Canadian Health System.
    I've heard that HLED 7120 is quite difficult so I consider the 2014 students lucky!
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    @smokeytabooThanks for the clarification
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    Hi guys,

    I'm taking the 6 credit Human Anatomy and Physiology online at Athabasca University. I must say there's a lot to learn but I would highly recommened students taking this course before getting into the program just so you wil have a stronger knowledge of science in general. The only downfall is that the course itself was $1250, it's very expensive...The course consists of 3 quizzes online, 3 assignments and 3 exams. I already did the first quiz and assignment, and it's going great I really want to complete it before August of 2013.
    You can also look at the UBS transfer credit guide or look at Thompson University for this course, I'm sure there are cheaper ones out there...and there is a rumour that BCIT will soon launch a new A&P course, but I wouldn't wait!

    But on an important note, students will definitely benefit from this course and this is part of the reason why BCIT's nursing has made it part of it's requirement; because students who entered the program w/o science knowledge had very hard time in the nursing science courses.
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    I'm 22 years old, applied with 141 credits which includes a psychology degree, a bunch of volunteer and work experience not directly related to health care, and an A&P course taken at a private school. I applied on the last day December 14. Anyone receive any news whether they've been accepted or not?
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    If I remember correctly, you don't hear back until early April if shortlisted and then Late April if you're accepted. Long way to go yet.
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    HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! I wish you all the very best!!! I have a feeling 2013 will be an awesome year
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    Hey everyone!!
    I'll be starting in August as well!
    As for when you will hear anything, it wont be til mid March to the very last week and the 1st week of April which is just the short listing and such and then later on you'll hear stuff after getting references in so another 2-3 weeks afterwards too.
    Good Luck to you all!
    I got on top of the holdlist for Jan 2013 but guaranteed for August, and it was my 2nd time applying.
    I hold a BSc in Psychology from UBCO and thats all I had the first time applying with volunteer and such but the 2nd time applying I made sure I was taking the LIBS 7001&7002 classes. My grades weren't the greatest but I got in so you still got a great chance even if your average is say <60% but you've at least shown great improvement in your more recent courses.
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    The good thing is that, well for me at least, the months January and February always seem to go by really fast. It also helps to keep yourself busy, in that way time passes by even faster. I can't wait until March and April, I'm so happy we don't have to wait until july to hear from nursing!
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    I haven't handed in my resume yet because I considered that to be apart of the 'documents deadline'. I considered the application itself to be what is due on the 'application deadline'. After reading this and seeing that some say that it was due on Dec. 15, I called in.

    The lady that answered seemed to be a little annoyed at me for asking. I said I know the document deadline is Jan 31 and the application deadline was Dec. 15, but I have heard that the Resumes were due on Dec. 15 as well. I just want to make sure when the resumes are due because I have heard different things from different people.

    She responded, matter of factly, that the document deadline is Jan. 31 and the application deadline was Dec. 15. (She just repeated what I had just said to her)

    I said, So the resume would be included in the document deadline then right? That is what I thought but I was told differently. She said yes.

    If it turns out that the resume was due on Dec. 15, then I hope to god that they decide to accept them until Jan. 31 cause this is a little more confusing than it should be.
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    Hey - it was due the 15th. I handed it in rushed and then asked my admissions officer and she said she will take it up to the 31. So try to hand it in ASAP but don't worry too much. Maybe bring it down tomorrow and explain your situation.
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