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Hello everyone,I wanted to start this forum because I'm getting nervouse about my application to the BSN program at Bcit. I appled for this August (2012) and I am still awaiting a reply. Has anyone... Read More

  1. by   yohane
    Hi Kaay,
    Where did you get the immunization review? Is that the official form or just the list of what we need? About the HGMT 7180 if you haven't taken it yet you will need to take it eventually. If you check the course on the BCIT website you can find the prerequisites needed (you either need be in a program already or have work experience in a hospital setting). I wasn't sure about my experience so I sent an e-mail to the instructor who let me join the course. It was really challenging and interesting! There was a lot of reading to do but there were good online discussions on the Canadian Health Care System and other similar systems in the world.
  2. by   smiley65
    i love this stuff congrats to those of you who have made it this far, you should be very proud. this is an extremely competitive program and so don't forget how hard you worked to get in. i am just finishing level 1....you guys are in for an amazing experience. good luck!
  3. by   smiley65
    They also can do the TB skin test at the BCIT health clinic on campus- it takes 5 minutes
  4. by   dmak26
    Quote from smiley65
    i love this stuff congrats to those of you who have made it this far, you should be very proud. this is an extremely competitive program and so don't forget how hard you worked to get in. i am just finishing level 1....you guys are in for an amazing experience. good luck!
    hey smiley65! just a random question if you aren't too busy.

    on the nursing boards at school there are regulations on
    -stethoscopes (any recommended one, like is the double sided mandatory?)

    after you got in did you find out any leeway or criteria not listed for choosing them?

    thanks for taking the time to respond =)
  5. by   smiley65
    Hey, No problem
    I think it depends a tiny bit on your clinical instructor as far as leeway, but how it's listed in the student policy is what we are supposed to follow. So your watch needs a second hand...and keep in mind you wash your hands a million times a day so an expensive one or one with a soft fabric strap is not recommended. I got mine at sears for 30 bucks. Some people have lapel watches that they clip to thier scrubs...but whatever works for you. Shoes have to be as white as you can find with non marking soles and no mesh (this is to protect your feet from all of the lovely fluids you will potentially encounter on the ward ..I bought sketchers feather lites and I LOVE them. They were about 50 bucks on sale.
    Your stethoscope just has to work. I bought a littmans classic II SE for about 100 bucks from stethoscopes.ca-it came with a free engraving and I can tell the difference with other brands....I love my littmans. They sell other brands in the bookstore for 20 or 30 dollars so it depends what your budget and preference are. Scrubs scrubs scrubs...I love my scrubs....At orientation there may be a scrub sale. Otherwise...there are 2 places on broadway- uniform central and image care. I suggest trying on a few different brands to find the brand you like best and then figure out sizes. I am a different size in every brand...ALSO I can not stress enough the importance of pockets!! You have alot of stuff to carry around in clinical and you NEED pockets. I love the look of my Greys Anatomy scrubs...but I cant wear them to clinical because there are not enough pockets. I need to carry my cheat sheet, my pen light, my pen, my steth, my iphone (for Nursing Central) drug cards etc...so my personal favorite brands are NRG- sooo comfy, then KOI, then Greys anatomy. Don't go too scrub crazy before you start (I did this)...buy maybe 2 or 3 sets and then decide what you really like. Top and bottom need to be same colour- no prints- and I always wear a 3/4 white top under my scrub top- best place is wal mart- 6 bucks when they have them in stock.
  6. by   ericleeericlee
    There are many Accelerated BSN programmes in the States, you can find them on this website.

    I have just received my acceptance today from BCIT, but this is after I completed a BSc (Geography) from UBC in 2010. Alas, moving to the States just isn't an option for me right now, but it is very tempting to complete the degree in one year and half... especially if you intended to practise in the U.S.
    Quote from JuliaSemper6666
    I have a history and english degree from UVIC. I have been accepted into BCITs nursing program. School aside, my boyfriend lives in California and is American. We looked at our options and I did some research on studying nursing in the USA but as an International Student, the preminums to attend school were too expensive. Can you please put me in contact with the nurses you know who studied in the USA or the names of the school they attended for 1 year.

    Please let me know,


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  7. by   nurs9
    Congrats Eric! I also just received my acceptance today via email. It sure was a long wait.
  8. by   dmak26
    My wait is over.. Thanks BCIT =)
  9. by   Kat28
    Congrats to everyone who got in! I have also been accepted See you all at the orientation!
  10. by   sandy28
    I received mine yesterday too! Congrats everybody!
  11. by   spellingbee
    Hi, I was just wondering if you guys know when the orientation is? I was accepted for Jan 2012 and deferred my acceptance to August, so I haven't received any new notices regarding the orientation but would like to attend.

  12. by   carelesswhisper
    May 10th is orientation
  13. by   rsohi
    Hey everyone!!

    I've been following this forum but never got around to replying. This has really helped me in learning more about the program and helping to calm me down during the long wait.

    I got accepted into the August intake!! Congratulations to all of you!

    Hope to see you during the orientation. =)