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Hello everyone,I wanted to start this forum because I'm getting nervouse about my application to the BSN program at Bcit. I appled for this August (2012) and I am still awaiting a reply. Has anyone else applied? I would love to... Read More

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    congratulations guys!
    I am still waiting.

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    Thats interesting that it's being sent out so late in the evening! Maybe I will hear something soon
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    Hi friends
    I am a BCIT nursing graduate and came across this post and wanted to share some of my personal experience with you all.
    I graduated around 3 years ago and also have a BA from UBC prior to BCIT. I must say that BCIT was a tough program and many students were seriously challenged.
    I wanted to suggest to you all to look elsewhere if you are having to wait behind the doors to get into BCIT..specially if you have a previous degree...many USA universities offer Nursing degrees (bachelors of sci) in 1 year if you have a previous degree/bachelor..i did not know this when i decided to study nursing and could have saved thousands of dollars and years of schooling. Just an idea that if you are able to relocate...there are other schools with great opportunities if you want to become a nurse

    Good luck to you all wanting to get into BCIT...you will be changed through the experience.
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    I did not make it =(

    I guess I will have to ask what I need to improve on.
    Congratulations to all of you who got accepted and shortlisted
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    Quote from vana_
    I did not make it =(

    I guess I will have to ask what I need to improve on.
    Congratulations to all of you who got accepted and shortlisted
    Awww.. I'm sorry to hear that..

    If you haven't done so finish all the required electives before hand. If you still need to complete at least 5 courses (ENG, LIBS, PSYC) then technically you arent wasting that much time (only half a year). In return for that half a year you will probably save yourself many tears from the stress of having to do them while you are in the program (I hear its mandatory to cry while in nursing school).

    And if you are trying to be independent like me then try finding a job that will help pay for school (and possibly give you required experience).

    Anyways, don't give up =)
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    Thanks dmak26!

    You're so kind! I have many PSYC courses under my belt but I guess if they're asking for the 1st yr ones, mine may be outdated-- about 6 years, that includes ENG. I took my awhile to get my BSc done for this year. I guess I'll need to order a new transcript for next intake since it should state that I hold a degree.

    I guess I will have to re-take these courses, I guess it helps if I take them at BCIT? And I do need to take the LIBS course.

    I emailed an Advisor for what was wrong with my application, so that I could improve on it, if I don't hear anything, then I'm going to try to get in touch with someone in the nursing dept via email or in person--if I have to get my butt to that campus!

    I will not give up, it was my 1st time applying and I've seen other forums and post where some keep trying!

    Hehe I'm already like you dmak26! I currently am working 3 jobs, my weekly work hrs are a good approx 60 hr/week.
    I'm also looking into some RPN programs too
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    Hey vana_ and others,

    Did your status on mybcit actually change/receive anything? I am wondering because mine continues to say "pending department review" and have still not received anything. I had asked my advisor a question early in march and did not receive a reply until this past monday where i was also told the "department is completing their review this week". After seeing here that some got shortlisted and some got a rejection (?) I am wondering whats up. Anyways just trying to figure out if receiving nothing is the rejection basically.

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    Also, definitely apply again ! I am planning on that as well if it doesnt work out. Lots of people seem to get shortlisted the second or third time around
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    hi nameless9,

    I kept checking and refreshing and then it said "non offer", mine said still pending for a very long time. Also I did not receive any sort of email and I believe short-listed applicants did. Looks like if you havent heard anything re-fresh your mybcit a few times.\

    A few of my friends are already bcit nursing students and it was my first time applying and they said the august intake is pretty competitive so hopefully we'll have better luck next intake
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    oh okay, sorry to hear that. I guess I will keep checking until I know for sure then (also my first time applying). yeah thats what i'm hoping for now too. hope for january!

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