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Hey all. I'm an RPN student in Ontario, writing the CPNRE in May. I want to take a prep course, which my school offers. The problem with that is according to some instructors, our school has the... Read More

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    I to am interested in taking the exam prep course as i was not successful my first attempt at writing the CPNRE exam, but was wondering if there is one closer to the windsor/chatham-kent area
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    hello everyone!

    if any of you can please suggest a good or recent books/review materials or guide for CPNRE, i would greatly appreciate it. i'm new here in Canada and I'm having a hard time looking for RPN materials even online. i wouldn't mind buying second hand materials as long as they're not too old and inexpensive. hope to hear from any of you.

    God bless with your results!
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    You can order the prep guide from the exam provider Assessment Strategies Inc Assessment Strategies Inc. - Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination
    also look on assessment strategies inc website for information about the exam, the exam blueprint and the predictor test.

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    thank you dishes!
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    Quote from jay_j
    i wouldn't mind buying second hand materials as long as they're not too old and inexpensive. hope to hear from any of you.
    Just remember that any arrangements made for exchanging second-hand resources for money MUST be accomplished in private in order to comply with our Terms of Service.
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    I know this post is a little late… but I did come across these posts when I was looking for a RPN exam prep course in the Mississauga area myself. So I felt compelled to share my experience with you all.
    I landed up with The Canadian Nursing Career Assistance Program. Yes, I have passed my RPN exam. I like that the instructor was understanding, and she tried her best to accommodate my learning needs as well as she listened attentively to my concerns and tried her best to help me.
    Here is the link CNCAP.ca - RN / RPN exam preperation and review
    Thank you allnurses.com and best wishes to all of you
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    hello! i am a newbie here. I would like to ask how may exam takes are they allowed in rpn in toronto? is it 3 takes and then youre done?. pls. advise ;(
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    You've asked this in multiple threads. Pick one and stick to it.

    Yes, it's three strikes and you're out.
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    thanks!noted.... i was exploring the threads , wasn't sure at first so. i apologize.

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