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International nurses longer registration?

  1. 0 I had sent in all of my application in October! And it's still not finished. I had to write the jurisprudence exam as well because my application was not finished being processed.

    My plan was to write the exam feb 6. I had everything in intime. But they say no.
    Why is it taking so long? I can't get any answers. I am a Canadian citizen. But educated in Sweden. So why is it taking so long?

    I too have been addressed by the cno in a demeaning manor. They get mad when I call to inquire and tell me they will be in touch. But they never do. It's been almost 4 months. And I'm probably not going to be able to write in feb.

    Very frustrated!!!!!!!!
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    Generally the processing time with the CNO and International Educated Nurses can take up to 12 months sometimes even longer.
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    Nursing Colleges task forever to do anything.<br><br>I moved from Alberta to BC.&nbsp; Despite being educated in Alberta and having over four years work experience, it still took the BC College over four, closer to five months to evaluate my credentials and issue a license that was going to be valid for four weeks that would then require renewal!<br><br>It's not just foreign nurses that get screwed around.
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    Your citizenship isn't pertinent in this situation baby_gumma. What CNO is interested in is where you were educated. They have to do a thorough assessment of your education as compared to that received in a Canadian nursing school to ensure you will meet minimum requirements. And that takes time. 4 months isn't really a long time within the scope of what they are required BY LAW (the Regulated Health Professions Act: )to do in order to ensure their registrants are properly educated and competent.
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    Yes, very true. I will be writing the feb exam. I applied last year and my process finished and confirmed the testing last december 2012
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    When did you apply last year? are you international educated nurse
    Quote from girliegirl1
    Yes, very true. I will be writing the feb exam. I applied last year and my process finished and confirmed the testing last december 2012