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Hi everyone! I am an IEN from the Philippines batch 2009 I moved here in Brampton last November 2010. I took the May 2012 CPNRE (first time) and still waiting for the results which will come out... Read More

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    Quote from rant

    The exam was more challenging than I expected it to be. There were a lot of knowledge based questions, which didn't bother me (although I know that I certainly got several of those wrong) -- it was the vagueness, the ambiguity, the dozens upon dozens of questions that had two equally applicable/ ridiculous options to choose from.

    I was a straight A student throughout my degree. This is the first time that I have been completely shaken in my confidence after an exam. I've always been paranoid about the possibility of failure (it helped me be a better student, I think), but I've never been so completely terrified of it -- and humbled by it -- as I am tonight.

    And for those of us that wrote today in Ontario, this is a bad time to fail, what with the requirements to be eligible to write the exam changing in January (re: the jurisprudence exam). We HAVE to pass, or we get a whole set of requirements added to our plates that were not fully included in formal teaching.

    I am already having a nervous breakdown, waiting for November. I'm convinced I failed.
    I totally agree.. very very disappointed. Self esteem is very low after the exam.. thinking of the newly added requirements making it worse.. Aw... I started the exam praying for all the candidates writing exam in the Ontario exam centre. Started to answer with a pace.. not nervous.. but the last one hour.. I can't explain how I felt. Although I practiced questions like an actual exam, I was not able to catch up with the time on the exam day .. Praying God..

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    Everyone who writes the CRNE feels more or less the same as you. What was that? We wondered. This is the reason why so many of us have tried to give helpful advice on this forum regarding study tips. The exam is tricky. Hopefully, when in doubt, you remembered the nursing process. All you can do now is wait....many of you were successful, I'm sure. I remember analysing questions in my head after the exam. You will probably do the same. Instead, go do something fun.
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    Let us all be POSITIVE about the outcome of the exam(eventhough it was really hard).
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    Oh, Positive is all I can hold on to. Otherwise, I would surely break apart! Kept away all my books and notebook to make it harder for me to check if I correctly answered a question I remembered. Did this after a sleepless night of constantly going through my book for the answers. Continuing to answer questions after the exam didn't help at all. Just added doubt to my already shaken confidence.

    6 weeks! Good God, I don't know how I'll make it waiting so long. Can't seem to do anything without thinking, that is, without thinking of a question that suddenly pops in my head.
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    same here second time rewriting this exam and is so hard not to think if you will ever be able to practice nursing because of this exam. everytime i think of a question i have to go and check in my books only to find out that you got it wrong or you dont even remember what you put down. the first time i was confident that i passed and failed by 4 marks. So now I really dont know what to think waiting 6 weeks will be hard all I can say is lets enjoy our 6 weeks off before we start our careers!!!!!
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    hi all,
    I gave the crne for the first time. I couldn't manage time and was forced to leave 3 questions at last!
    I found the exam was not easy, neither tough but very tricky, as I wasted some time in guessing the correct answer out of two equally similar options. Most of the knowledge part questions were there and lot from med-surg and community. Almost all competencies was on the exam and now just hopping for the good result by the grace of God Almighty.
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    hi nurses you will all pass by God's grace, you may think you did not do well, but you must have done more than what you think you did. I did mine in June this year and i passed. Just relax and keep praying, if you believe in God, He can change things around for good, even lowering the pass mark can give you success. Good luck.
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    Thank you Blessing progress)) Hope so too....just praying

    God bless us!
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    My message got deleted in an attempt to add something...

    I check this site every day to read others post. Great site by the way. I love it.
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    Those who written the exam on June too, how was the October exam in comparison?

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