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CRNE OCTOBER 2012 - page 14

Hi everyone! I am an IEN from the Philippines batch 2009 I moved here in Brampton last November 2010. I took the May 2012 CPNRE (first time) and still waiting for the results which will come out... Read More

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    Thank you so much for calling the CNO! I was hoping someone would. It's good to have an approximate time of arrival.
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    just to let people know, got my results today, in ontario, they are out! letter was dated yesterday so you should receive it today or tomorrow i assume. normal post. oh, and I passed! whoop!
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    Congratulations Michellemck!
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    Where in Ontario?
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    Hi everyone! Got my results today and I passed.
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    I just got my results in Toronto Ontario and I PASSED!!!!! OMG i am still shaking the best feeling ever ))
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    I just got my results in Toronto Ontario and I passed). Its the best feeling ever....thank god.
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    I agree with EllieK, I was too. I couldn't resist myself.
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    Oh, you guys, I'm smiling from ear to ear for you....... I'm SO HAPPY for you.

    I can't wait to get home and check.

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    Any one from Alberta got their result?
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    just got my results in whitby ontario and i passed! Thanks to everyone on this forum for their support and good luck to everyone still waiting! i will be posting study tips for future writers later on
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    Congrats to all who pass, may ur good luck brings good news to rest of us....
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    hi everyone, after studying hard for the full 2 months, the pay off is great. I passed my crne. thanks god and everyone for all support and encouragement. it is such a great feeling. good luck to everyone!