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Hi everyone! I am an IEN from the Philippines batch 2009 I moved here in Brampton last November 2010. I took the May 2012 CPNRE (first time) and still waiting for the results which will come out on June. Apparently, I just... Read More

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    200 questions and the passion score is 550.

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    I cannot PM you, pls email me @ I would like to keep in touch with you.

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    Check out some of the previous threads re: CRNE through the search engine here, for helpful tips. Mainly, you need to be well prepared in ALL areas in order to succeed. This includes peds, patho, mental health, health promotion. Understand the competencies, because this is how you're tested, and apply the nursing process. Most importantly, you'll need to manage your time. If you are utilizing all these aspects before, and during the exam, you should be fine.
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    hi there I am sitting the crne for the 2nd time. I missed out by 1 point in February!! Just wondering if anyone can direct me to a good site in relation to breathing techniques and patient positioning? Thanks
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    Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing, by Potter and Perry. Widely used in Canadian nursing schools, and one of the references listed in the CNA guide. You can get it from the library.
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    can i access that online I live in Ireland
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    I don't think so. You could order it through Amazon though.
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    Should be able to get from, big and expensive but is worth getting
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    Just looked and doesn't have the latest edition from 2009 but does have a earlier edition and not as expensive but whether it will be up to date enough I don't know
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    I wrote in 2010 and used my 2006 edition. You would be fine with a 2009 edition. The exam competencies are set from 2010-2015. Potter and Perry hasn't been revised that much over the years. I'd recommend buying it.

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