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I just received a bad news. My nursing career is over. Yes, I am no longer one of you, but I feel a need to share my story. I have failed the CRNE for the third time and honestly, I don't know what... Read More

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    Quote from survivor007
    Thanks for the encouraging and uplifting comment. I am very happy for you that you are not experiencing the difficulties I am facing at this moment. I know that you can never really grasp the intensity of pain that I am feeling because we are not in the same boat. May you prosper in your career.

    I didn't find it a waste of time because I am pursuing a goal that I want to achieve. It is heart breaking but I never looked at my failure the same way you viewed my situation. When I took the exam, I didn't have any intentions of failing. I also didn't see it as a favor because I fulfilled and met the requirements needed to be granted another chance to write. I am thankful to those wise men and women making decisions that they are not narrow-minded and without prejudice.

    As far as I know, I live in Canada, a great country where people have lots of opportunities so finding a job is the least of my worries. On the brighter side, "I didn't fail the test; I just found 100 ways to do it wrong."

    Hi survivor 007,
    I admire your courage and resilience at this difficult time in your life. Please know that your words have uplifted me and that I will, starting from now, include you in my prayers. Take care, God Bless you and hope to talk to you soon.
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    Quote from survivor007
    ecclessia, I don't mind communicating with you. I am new to this site so I am not allowed to send personal/private messages yet. Do you have any idea on how I can give and/or get your e-mail address without posting it publicly? cheers!
    Hi survivor007,
    please email me here: Thanks!
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    ecclessia, kindly check your email. thanks.
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    Quote from Ginger's Mom
    Survivor did they really do you a favor, you failed the fourth time! You wasted your time and money. If by a miracle you get to take the exam the fifth time, who would employ you ?

    To the others, why did it come a surprise that on your third attempt you failed, you had a track record of failing 2 times. Personally I would have taken the refresher after failing the second time. Did the college make recommendations after you failed the second time.

    Taking the NCLEX would be a waste of money in my opinion, if you don't have legal access to work. Why would someone hire you if you passed in a competitive market when you couldn't pass the standards in your home country?

    The test is there for a reason, three times is an acceptable amount, you may not like this but nursing may not be for you.
    Totally agreed!
    More then acceptable even.
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    For those who failed recently, what are you guys doing now? I still want nursing as a career, but still at lost and have no clue on what to do.
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    Quote from omd3
    For those who failed recently, what are you guys doing now? I still want nursing as a career, but still at lost and have no clue on what to do.
    Hi omd3,
    PM me.
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    Quote from ecclessia
    Hi omd3,
    PM me.
    They can't as site requirements to send a pm is 15 or more posts
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    Quote from ecclessia
    Hi omd3,
    PM me.
    I wish I can..

    For those who reside in Ontario, have you heard anything from CNO? They told me they would send me a letter one month after receiving my results on March.
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    Many of you may not agree, and I'm sorry....but 3 chances to write the CRNE is more than fair, regardless of your circumstances. You need to achieve roughly 65 to 66 percent on the exam, in order to guarantee a pass. That is reasonable. The Colleges have a responsibility to the public to ensure a standard. And, I would think that all the prep courses or study aides should be utilized well in advance of appealing to write for a third or fourth time. I know some of you are probably very disappointed, but treat this as a learning experience. Perhaps nursing just isn't your path.
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    I am in the same boat. New to this. But I feel like no one is giving us much direction. If if I have to go back to school and take refresher course or what not why are the schools telling me I'm ineligible to enroll (makes sense why give out a 2nd degree in the same thing). There has to be a way and if anyone knows pls share with me. I'm writing the rpn may 18th. And when I pass @ least I'd be more patient in finding another alternative in re-writing the crne. And for those students who passed the exam and stating that the crne is a fair exam. Walk in my shoes for a day!

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