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Very High Fevers

  1. 0 Hay is anyone else seeing extremely high fevers this year? It seems like every child we have in the health center is spiking fevers in the 103-104 range. One kid doing this every so often is not suspicious but to have so many is very strange. Just wondering if my camp is extra sick or if others are seeing this as well.
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    We had a guy transferred to us for this problem, negative blood and urine cultures, elevated WBC, spikes a fever of 102-103 intermittantly all day. Not the typical response to the fever either, he sweats, flushes, and has to have a fan blowing on him or he is miserable. He had been this way for a week by the time we got him, don't know if they ever found anything out because he was gone by my next shift.
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    I had a fever lasting a week with temp spiking to 102/103. Just felt really hot and my body ached. No other symptoms. All blood work negative. Strange.
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    Yeah I've had a couple like that this week, one the parents picked up and took to the doctor but nothing showed up. He was fine 2 days later.
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    Are any of you thinking heat exhaustion/heat stroke?

    Also - how are you getting blood work done at camp?
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    We actually still haven't had a single case of fever this summer. A couple colds and many heat related headaches but otherwise it's been a pretty quiet summer. We did have very high fevers unaccompagnied by any important symptoms a couple summers ago, nothing serious ever showed up.
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    It doesn't present as heat stroke at all. The temps respond to Tylenol and Motrin but they spike very high and fast. We do our own blood draw and have the shopper drop it off at the local hospital. We have had some kids who spike these fevers for five days.
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    Am working at a coed camp in the Berkshires of MA and have had 4 girls with high fevers (103+), so far this summer. All have presented with sore throat but not strep. The girls were different ages and had no connection via cabins etc. Two had M.D. exams, one had blood work which was normal; seems as though it's a random viral infection that lasts 3-5 days.