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and I'm very excited! I wish it wasn't four months away! It's a girls' full-season camp in Maine, 190 campers. Two full-time nurses and one part-time. Own bedroom, laundry done, etc etc. Eight weeks with no cooking, laundry,... Read More

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    Bonemarrowrn - I know what you mean about the money! This is probably the only time I'll ever be able to do it, financially and logistically. I'll be in school the next two summers and then I doubt anyone I work for is going to give me 8 weeks off. It's not the financially brightest thing to do this year, but my earnings will help pay the mortgage and I'm going into big-time student debt in any case. You gotta live sometime!

    Your pay sounds especially pitiful, but I guess if it included camp for your daughter it's not so bad. Was the food really terrible? I guess I thought the food would have to be somewhat edible since kids are used to salad bars in cafeterias and stuff. Oh well, I won't complain if I lose weight at camp!

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