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Hi, Last year I worked at a camp that had a "drive thu" window out the med room. We prepoured our meds, lined them up off to the side on Rubbermaid spice rack step risers and kept the CampMeds ticket with the meds so we could... Read More

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    On Sunday when the campers come in we go to the campsite and review the health forms. The adult leaders are in charge of locking the medications in a lock box or in their trailer. If they have an inhaler or epi-pen it is policy that the scout must have it on them or if a leader must be with them at all times. Refrigeration medications are stored in the health lodge. Most of the camper self administer their injections i.e. insulin.
    So to sum it up we have no med pass. We coordinate storage and/or locations to administer medication

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    Two nurses pass meds to two shifts of 225 campers and counselors at breakfast, one lunch (not many meds passed at lunch) and dinner meds for 450+. (Not every camper gets meds.) One nurse does sick call at breakfast and dinner; the other stays behind at the infirmary with the "inpatients." Bedtime meds are given at infirmary by two nurses. Some of the campers rush to my cart requesting their meds NOW, when my med pass is organized by where the cabin sits in the dining hall. Lots of kiddos in the same cabins with the same first name, so it's a med error waiting to happen. The kids are in and out of their seats getting seconds and so forth; some leave or switch tables entirely...when they know darn well to be expecting their meds.

    My camp DOES NOT use Camp Meds. Instead, we have a team that bubbles meds in blister packs to be dosed at breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime. Liquid meds are dosed individually during each med pass, and are organized by cabin along with inhalers, patches, topical creams and eye/ear drops. We kindly request that parents bring the individual packets of Miralax to camp, but most do not, possibly because it's way cheaper to buy a big bottle of the generic stuff and let us deal with it. So, we have to measure every single Miralax dose into little pill baggies. According to the "rules," daily OTC meds must be accompanied by a physican's note. Parents know they won't be turned away, so they bring Flintstone vitamins, fiber gummies, energy bars and bottled milkshakes for picky eaters, along with supplements (which campers and parents refer to as "medicine") from those vitamin stores in the mall. Who knows WHAT'S in that stuff?!?! One parent brought several boxes of TWINKIES, requesting us to give her son two at bedtime, "because he needs to gain weight." We accept it all, because the camp philosophy is "make those parents happy."

    Whatcha think?

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