Camper to Nurse ratio?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I worked as the camp nurse at an overnight girls' camp last summer. It was a very good experience and they have asked me to come back. I'd like info, if anyone has it, on what optimal camper-nurse ratios are for a camp that's geared toward healthy children?

    Last year, I was the only nurse/health provider for 130 campers and staff. I was on 24/7 for three weeks. We had a lice outbreak (I trained some of the staff to help me with that one.....) and then a number of cases of heat exhaustion during a severe heatwave....Plus, of course, all the usual stuff that camp nurses deal w. every day.

    Despite all that, I had a good-but-totally-exhausting experience and would like to go back, but need to figure out exactly what would help make this a sane experience for me. I don't think they would spring for a second nurse, but I think they would consider giving a young staff member to be my assistant. Just not sure if that's enough (then again, if that person can be the one to hand out band-aids at midnight to all the girls who cut themselves shaving at that hour, I'd be grateful!!!!)

    Thanks for any input
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  3. by   Alex Egan
    At my camp the ratio is about 100/1 for live in nurses. With the head nurse and local part timers it's about 85/1
  4. by   Sudsy
    Thank you! That is a help to hear!
  5. by   bsyrn
    We have 4 nurses for approx 250 campers and staff but we have a lot of special needs kids with lots of meds. It sounds like 1 nurse and an assistant would be fine for 130 healthy kids and staff. As for bandaids at midnight for shaving incidents...cabin first aid kits would solve that problem.
  6. by   arronlpn
    We have two nurses, only because we run a Boy Scout Camp and a Cub Scout Camp at the same time on different ridges of camp. our camp has no ratio guideline. Leaders are responsible for locking up and making sure the scouts take their medications, unless the need to be in the fridge. We teach all the staff first-aid and how to handle emergencies in camp. If it is an emergency and I don't have an emergency on the Cub Scout camp I can be called over to assist the Boy Scout Camp.

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