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I finsihed my assignment as a camp nurse. I worked at a lovely camp in Upstate New York for 30 days. The oppourtunity was fantastic for my two children ages 11 and 13. They had the time of their lives. Why am I not so excited... Read More

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    I get paid about $100 day!
    Hold onto that job.

    Only made $1,800 for 9 weeks, 14 hr days too!

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    I worked last year at a daycamp, which sounds WAY less complicated than overnight camp....I worked everyday (except weekends), from 8-5. The health centre was generally overflowing with kids at any given time ( a lot of accidents...also a lot of fake tummyaches). At the end of the summer I was exhausted and vowed not to return this year...but I am going back! It's close to home, good hours, full time, and my son gets to attend. Plus, since I am still a student (off for the summer), this job is the best paying one I have ever had. However, since I will graduate in December, I don't see myself going back next year.

    Highly recommend day camp nursing for a student summer job!
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    I made $ 500 for a month plus reimbursement for travel! YOU have us beat!

    I wish WE had a day camp here in Colorado!
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    About camp nursing, I am curious about how this is for LPN's?? Is it worth it?? Is the money all they say it is?? What are the different types of camps out there?? what are the requirements?? what part are you responsible for?? In terms of getting there and back?? your kids?? who pays for this?? Please share your input.

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