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At someones suggestion, to introduce herself, this thread was started. I will start: I was a Camp Nurse in 2000 at a private camp in upstate New York in the Birkshire Mountains. I was there for a... Read More

  1. by   RoseCampRN
    I have been a camp nurse for 18 yrs now and for the first time in 17 yrs I find myself going to a new camp. I am a little nervous because my old camp had become such a summer home to me. But I am sure it will be fun even if it is different. I will feel like a nomad this summer. Doing a week at my old camp with a diabetes camp, then 2 weeks at one new camp, 4 weeks at another new camp and then 2 weeks back at my old camp with another medical camp. It will be strange not being in one place the whole summer.
    Rose in Altoona PA
  2. by   nursemandala
    Hello All!
    I am an LPN, currently in school for my BSN full-time in the spring and fall. So as not to "waste" my very hard-earned LPN, I have accepted a job as a camp nurse this summer. I will be working in a well-staffed health office and never be working alone, so I feel confident about my support system and am truly excited to be going to camp. I am also pretty young (and very short!!) so I think I will really bond with my campers.
    Good luck to everyone this summer! I will hopefully report back when I get a chance periodically throughout the season (camp goes from June 22-August 16).
  3. by   tigerlily068
    Im Stacie LPN
    Im going to WV this summer for my 1st summer camp job.
    Im pretty excited and a tiny bit worried about what to expect. They are providing my 2 kids camp and travel $ its just for 2 weeks, but I know I will have to have some $. I looked at the packing list for the kids and just cot sheets are $80! I would like some insight on what to stock, bring etc. I've raised 4 kids and feel confident I can handle minor stuff, and the closest hosp is 9 miles away. So this brings some relief. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. by   troop742
    HI, which camp? Is this your first CLV experience? I am getting ready for year 4 at Korean Camp, and it is the BEST!
    Sup So Gui Hosu, Sarang he-yo!
    (Camp Lake in the Woods, WE love you!)

  5. by   Ms.Kamille
    Wow.. this is a position I never even thought of! I'm finding such great ideas today!
  6. by   CoachCathy
    Hey - My name is Cathy - preparing to go to my fifth summer at Camp Sea Gull, a sailing YMCA camp along the NC seaboard. We take care of >1000 campers/counselors at a time, it is really alot of fun - I recommend it to anyone - especially if you can take your children. I took my teenaged boys, and we were able to have quality time like we haven't seen in many years.
  7. by   kaufer01
    Hi I'm a student nurse, graduating in May this year. I took my first position as a camp nurse at a Bible Camp in Wisconsin for this coming summer. I am excitedly awaiting this summer, but any advice from those of you who are more experienced would be greatly appreciated!
  8. by   twinsin99
    I am not sure if this is where I introduce myself, so sorry. I am going to be a camp nurse for a month this summer at a boys camp in Maine. I get to bring my two sons. I haven't received the list yet of what to bring, so we'll see how that goes. I am very excited as I have never had the chance to be a camp nurse. I have been a RN for over 30 years, so hopefully my past experience will help me.
  9. by   LittleLisa
    hi everyone!
    my name is lisa. i've been working as a camp nurse since my first year as a new grad. i was shown the ropes by an older, experienced nurse, and after that first year, i was on my own. i absolutely love it! i do 4, week long camps, which include blind camp, junior, teen and family camp. over the years, the other 2 nurses have either retired, relocated or lost interest in camp nursing. so, i've been on my own for quite a few years now. actually, for blind camp, there have been two of us for several years, but for the rest, it's up to me. it's a beautiful camp by the sea, in nova scotia, canada. the camp atmosphere is something i enjoy so much...maybe because i was too shy to attend camp as a child! the kids are wonderful! oh, there are always challenges, but over all, i can honestly say i've never regretted going to camp.
    my office does have electricity, but no running water, or even a sink. keeping everything clean and hygienic always takes some doing! our budget is limited, but we have the basics. i must admit, it's always bothered me that we don't have a portable o2 tank. it is very expensive for only 4 weeks, and the tank would be expired by the next year. but, we have many older campers with health problems, and there have been times when i would have given my right arm to have had access to oxygen. i guess this is the norm with camp nursing! i'd love to hear how the rest of you cope with "camp conditions" or lack of supplies. also, i'd enjoy knowing what your routines are you have specific education needs with your campers, or other protocols that you follow? things is the u.s. are probably different than here in canada, and i love to learn new approaches. hope we can exchange stories!
  10. by   footqueen
    Does anyone have an opinion on Camp Lohikan in NE PA? I heard from them and they sound interested. It looks nice- my kids are excited for the possibility- but it'd be nice to have an "inside scoop))" I'd be one of 5 nurses along with one doc. Thanks!